Barb de Corti



with CEO and founder of ENJO Australia Barb de Corti, a mother and successful business mentor who is passionate about healthy living for the whole family. 

In searching for a solution to improve her son's asthma, Barb recognised the benefits of a uniquely handcrafted microfibre that allowed her to remove oppressive chemicals found in everyday cosmetics and cleaning products from her family's life. A simple change to her family's daily habits revealed overwhelming improvements to her son's asthma and general health, something Barb just had to share! 

Devoted to educating, empowering and inspiring families to achieve their own wellness within their homes, Barb set-up an innovative business model that continues to motivate modern women to achieve their own business success promoting a healthier, chemical-free way of life. 

And 23 years on, we couldn't be prouder of our story, but it isn't over yet. Sante's vision is to share our simple skincare philosophy far and wide. To get people thinking about their skin and what they put on it, and inspire families to embrace a safe and simple skincare routine centred around the natural benefits of water. To promote healthy skin and a beautiful you.



about skin health and a beautiful you,and are mindful of the impact our passion has on our beautiful surroundings. 

Our products are sustainable, caring for both your skin and the environment. And while on our mission to redefine skincare routines, we promise to continue to explore ways we can collectively reduce our effect on the planet.

Live good, feel good

Where the heart is


Our Santé fibre range is made up of ultra-fine monofilament fibres, designed to form a unique weave that has an exclusive medical-grade patent. The specially woven texture, originally designed for the gentle debridement of skin abrasions, cannot be replicated. This means no other skin care product will leave your skin feeling as sublime as Santé. 

Handcrafted in Austria from the finest raw materials, each fibre product in our range is individually hand checked for quality and durability.



We can proudly say we are against animal testing.
Our range of products have never been used or tested on animals...and that's the way it will stay.

My name is Rudi x

The natural benefits of water


With so many choices when it comes to skin care, you want to embrace products that are nourishing and good for your skin.

With Santé’s unique woven fibres, all you need to cleanse your skin is water, making Santé perfect for every day cleansing without the need for harmful chemicals that can alter the harmony of your skin’s natural oils.  

Reawaken your skin to its natural beauty, with Santé by ENJO.