Working 9-5 isn't always an option, flexibility opens up possibility.

We passionately believe that with the right support everyone has it in them to create a business that works for them, and for 27 years over 10,000 Australians have done just that.

So much more than clever cleaning products.

Products with a purpose
Products with a purpose
Create positive, long-lasting change in your local community.
Flexible income
Flexible income
The freedom to earn an income and build a business to fit your lifestyle.
Independence + support
Independence + support
Work your business in a way that suits your individuality with all the support from a global community.
Training + development
Training + development
Unlock your potential and build something you're proud of with award-winning training.
Quality that cares
Quality that cares
Quality, durable cleaning products that do so much good for our homes, our health and the planet.

You’ll be able to create a business which works for you (rather than the other way around) and love what you do! You’ll even be able to choose how you earn your income, with multiple revenue streams, including:

Demo | Demonstrate the benefits of ENJO to a group of people or one-on-one, either in-person or digitally.

Online/Social | Earn commission on sales when your Customers shop online.

One-on-one service | Provide a personal service for your existing Customers, sharing our offers using marketing material we create for you.


Tell us what you love, and we’ll show you how you can do it.
Create positive change
Work in a team
Try something new
Earn a great income
Training and development
Meet new people
Enjoy work-life balance
Manage and lead people

Fiona Edwards: The life of a full-time ENJO Business owner.
Natasha Adamson: The life of a part-time ENJOpreneur
The Life of an ENJOpreneur

”I was truly blown away with how amazing ENJO worked in my home.“
Bri Petros
Senior Team Leader
”ENJO has given me the confidence to believe in myself“
Fiona Edwards




  • If I purchase Santé, do I need to use any other skin cleansing products?

    Quite simply, no. Santé’s skin care range has your entire skin care routine covered. 

    Our handcrafted fibres harness the natural benefits of water to cleanse your skin. No chemicals means cleansing with Santé is simple, and allows your skin to maintain its natural balance of hydrating oils. 

    The ultra-fine fibres and their unique weave offer a deep cleanse, lifting impurities from the skin’s surface, for clean and comfortable skin, as nature intended. 

    Santé’s Skin Care Range is super kind and caring, but we always recommend putting your skin first and testing any new products on a small area first.  

  • How do I use Santé skin care range?

    Santé skin care represents simplicity at its finest.

    Simply wet your Santé fibre with water and squeeze out excess water
    Cleanse the surface of your skin in a soft circular motion
    Watch as the specially woven fibres lift away impurities and dead skin cells

    A simple skin care routine with truly beautiful results! To view our fibres in action, visit ‘Learn’ on our homepage for our How To Guide.

  • How long do the Santé products last?

    We need to turn our attention to sustainability in all aspects of our life…and a sustainable skin care routine is a great way to start!

    Unlike disposable wipes, traditional liquid and soap cleansers, Santé’s skin care products are 100% reusable. How often you need to replace them depends entirely on how often you used them, but generally, if used daily our fibre products last up to 3 years.

    For optimal results, we would recommend replacing your Makeup Remover Set after a year if used daily.

  • Can I use moisturisers and other beauty treatments after using Santé?


    Santé’s skin care range is unique, pairing the natural hydrating benefits of water with a specially designed weave of fibres for optimal skin cleansing, leaving you with an even complexion that’s perfectly primed for the nourishing body treatment of your choice…or for the seamless application of fake tan, for a safe and sun-free glow!

  • How does Santé effectively cleanse my skin without other products?

    Santé products are made-up of ultra-fine, unique, wedge-shaped fibres that work to gently buff the surface of your skin for an even skin tone. The fibres lift and trap impurities to reveal beautifully bright and healthy skin every day…without the need for anything else.

    All our products are handcrafted from the finest raw materials to ensure their quality and longevity.

  • How and where are Santé products made?

    Originally designed for the gentle cleansing of medical abrasions, the super soft and effective nature of the unique fibres lend themselves perfectly for daily cleansing for healthy radiant skin.

    Our Santé fibre products are handcrafted from the finest raw materials in Austria. All Santé products are individually checked for quality to ensure our Customers and their skin are beautiful and happy.

  • How, and how often should I wash my Santé products?

    How often you should wash your Santé skin care range depends on the product, and how often you use them. Generally for daily use, we recommend washing weekly.

    All Santé orders receive a complementary ‘How-to Guide’ to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. For more information before you purchase, see our recommended guide below, or visit our ‘Caring for your Fibres’ page.

    Body Glove & Body Mini
    Use: the soft (striped) side daily and the coarser side for once-a-week deep cleansing
    Wash: weekly

    Face Glove and Face Towel
    Use: for everyday cleansing and drying
    Wash: weekly

    Men’s Face Duo
    Use: the soft (striped) side daily to prepare your skin for a seamless shave, and the coarser side for a once-a-week deep cleansing
    Wash: weekly

    Use: 1-2 times per week
    Wash: weekly

    Makeup Remover Set
    Use: one disc per day
    Wash: weekly

    How to wash

    ◊◊ Pop fibres into the laundry bag provided
    ◊◊ Machine wash your fibres at 40°C with an environmentally responsible detergent
    ◊◊ Hang out to dry
    ◊◊ Avoid fabric softeners
    ◊◊ Do not tumble dry or dry clean

  • How do I remove waterproof and long lasting makeup?

    Using just water and your Santé fibre is so beneficial to your skin’s health, but we understand that water might not cut-it when it comes to removing waterproof mascara and other long-lasting makeup.

    For nourishing waterproof makeup removal, we recommend sourcing an organic, Fair Trade coconut oil and working this onto your skin with your Santé fibre.

  • My fibres are stained with makeup – how do I clean them?

    If your fibres become stained with makeup, simply apply an environmentally responsible laundry detergent directly to the stain, agitate with water, and pop in the laundry bag to be washed in your next load.

  • Can I use Santé if I have acne?

    Daily cleansing is essential if you suffer from acne, but finding the right skin care routine can be difficult. Many people find chemical-based, acne-specific products extremely drying, and alternative cleansing products too oily.

    Prolonged use of chemical-based cleansers affects the skins natural balance. Santé harnesses the natural, soothing benefits of water only, working to bring the natural balance back to your skin.

    The innovative, ultra-fine fibres ensure the effective, gentle removal of impurities, dirt and dead skin cells, to prevent a build-up that can block pores and lead to acne, while being kind to skin that may already be inflamed.

    Used daily, Santé offers an effective clean for acne-prone skin that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry, tight or uncomfortable.

    Santé’s Skin Care Range is super kind and caring, but we always recommend putting your skin first and testing any new products on a small area first.

  • I have eczema, can I use Santé?

    The cause and symptoms of eczema are different for everyone, but establishing a daily skin care routine and preventing your skin from drying out is a must for managing the condition.

    Santé works well on skin that’s prone to eczema by removing chemical cleansers that can irritate and have drying and tightening results. By harnessing the natural, soothing benefits of water, Santé’s fibres gently cleanse your skin while maintaining the hydrating benefits of your skin’s natural oils.

    The courser side (sun logo) of our Body Glove works effectively to remove excess, flaky skin, without causing additional inflammation. Used gently in a circular motion, Santé’s skin care range is the perfect cleansing companion for skin that’s prone to eczema.

    Santé’s Skin Care Range is super kind and caring, but we always recommend putting your skin first and testing any new products on a small area first.

  • How can I find out more about Santé?

    If you’d like to learn more about Santé’s range of skin care products that offer naturally beautiful skin for all, a member of our Team can be made available for Personal Appointments and Group Demos. Click ‘Learn’ on our menu for more information.

    Alternatively, you can read more about our brand and values at ‘Our Story’, or feel free to get in touch at Customer.Care@enjo.com.au

  • I have a medical abrasion, can I use Santé products on it?

    Whilst our products were originally developed for the gentle debridement of medical abrasions, as with anything that requires medical attention, we recommend you seek medical advice before use.

  • Can I add ENJO products to my Santé shopping cart?

    Of course! You can shop Santé’s stylish and sustainable Skin Care Range and purchase your kind and chemical-free cleaning products in one single transaction.

    If you’re shopping with Santé simply click ‘ENJO Clean’ on the menu bar and continue shopping for your environmentally responsible cleaning products.

    If you’re on the ENJO site simple click ‘Santé’ on the menu bar and reawaken your skin to its natural beauty with our kind and reusable products!

    The products you’ve selected for purchase can be found together by clicking on the shopping bag.

  • Will my Santé Body Glove remove my fake tan?

    We all love beautiful, glowing skin, and for healthy skin, sun free is the only way to glow!

    By gently exfoliating and buffing the skin’s surface, the Santé Body Glove prepares your skin perfectly, allowing for the seamless application of your own bronzing agent at home.

    When it comes to removing your old tanning product, Santé Body Glove works perfectly to remove dead skin cells, lifting your old tan to reveal naturally bright skin.

  • Do I need to wash my Santé products before use?

    We would recommend you pre-wash your Santé skin care range before use.

    Simply place your purchase in the Santé Laundry Bag provided and pop in the wash with your laundry detergent at 40°C.

  • Does Santé’s Skin Care Range come with a warranty or guarantee?

    If you’re not totally in love with your new Santé Skin Care Range, no worries, you can return your items within 30 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. 




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