Makeup Remover Set (7) Blush

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Makeup Remover Set (7) Blush

Redefining your routine…

The Santé Makeup Remover Set is essential to your honest skin care ritual and a beautiful you. Using just water, Santé’s super-soft fibre discs gently cleanse, lifting dirt and makeup from your skins surface while maintaining the harmony of your skins natural oils. The double-sided disc protects your most delicate areas, leaving water to do what it does best, soothe and hydrate. Perfect for all skin types Santé promotes healthy skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and revived. For healthy and vibrant skin it’s important to make sure longer lasting and waterproof makeup is removed and doesn’t build up over time. Instead of heading for harsh products, source Fair Trade coconut oil, it’s a great natural alternative that works perfectly with the Santé fibre for a nourishing makeup removal ritual.

In harmony…

For that once-a-week deep cleansing experience team with our Exfoliators, perfect for stimulating the skin for a glowing complexion.

Do good feel good…

Also available in Lilac and Ocean, the makeup remover discs are kind to your skin and the environment. After cleansing pop the discs in the wash and use again, for beautifully healthy skin – always!


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Love, love, love these!
I always hated taking off my makeup. It takes too long, too many products, messy (the water I splash in my face ends up everywhere). Now I just use these. They work well, I clean them after every use with a bit of handsoap and wash them in the machine after a couple of uses. Now I don't mind taking off my makeup and my skin improved (from using less products?). Review by In├Ęz / (Posted on 31/07/2017)
With just as described
Work just as described. Can't wait to take them traveling Review by RD / (Posted on 12/06/2017)
With just as described
Works just as described. Can't wait to take them traveling Review by R6 / (Posted on 12/06/2017)
I love these. Takes off the makeup without making my skin sensitive and leaves it with a clean soft feeling. I bought some for my mum and she loves them too Review by Smoore / (Posted on 5/06/2017)
Love that clean feeling!
I don't wear much makeup, but the little I do is effectively and easily removed with these pads. I love their ease of use, and the clean feeling that is left on your face after using them. They are so quick to use too. I also love the fact that they are totally reusable, which is so good for the environment. Review by Nat R / (Posted on 3/06/2017)
Awsome product
After trying all sorts eye and makeup remover which resulted in sore eyes or infection I was desperate to find something that was gentle on eyes. I just love this product with a little water its fantastic. Highly recommend is product Review by Spud / (Posted on 27/05/2017)
Quick & Easy
Very easy and handy. They don't really remove all makeup. When I check by using a cotton pad and makeup remover or toner there is still makeup there. But good for a quick and easy gentle wash either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, but not after heavier makeup. Review by Suzmay / (Posted on 20/05/2017)
4 1/2 Stars
Love Love Love it! Had made taking off my make up easier and only need a cream for my waterproof mascara. Need to soak for a little while to remove the make up then throw in the wash. Review by Mouse / (Posted on 19/05/2017)
Best cleansing routine ever
I have used Enjo in the house for 15 years but never used the personal products. These make up remover pads are brilliant. The pads feel soft to use, my skin is left clean with no chemical residues and seems to have a more refined texture. Over time the cost savings will be tremendous. Review by Sharon / (Posted on 9/04/2017)
I have since started using me cleansing cream on the enjoy
I find the product is quite hard to go in circles on my skin and I feel it is stretching it. Review by Penny / (Posted on 27/03/2017)
Love them , like the fact that you can use warm water, unlike wipes that are cold especially in winter . Review by Dizee / (Posted on 26/03/2017)
Best cleanser I have ever used. My skin is so much clearer Review by Jess / (Posted on 21/03/2017)
Effective, but doesn't take off heavier makeup. Review by RaGee / (Posted on 18/03/2017)
These are fantastic for my teenagers skin. I no longer have to worry about the chemicals she may be putting only her skin, its all in the fibre. Bravo Review by J9 / (Posted on 16/03/2017)
Great and so eco friendly. Love
Absolutely love this product. Removes my eye make up no problem with just water! Review by Nay / (Posted on 14/03/2017)
Having firstly been introduced to these by my daughter, I have been using these for several years now & I absolutely LOVE them. Have also recommended them to many of my friends, that I am almost due for commission!! LOL. Review by Lynda / (Posted on 14/02/2017)
Love these!!!
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! These little beauties have revolutionised my evening skin care routine. I can't be lazy when all I need is water - and voila - clean skin! Review by Alice K / (Posted on 13/02/2017)
Love these!!!
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! These little beauties have revolutionised my evening skin care routine. I can't be lazy when all I need is water - and voila - clean skin! Review by Alice K / (Posted on 13/02/2017)
Simple beauties
I took some convincing but now I wouldn't use anything else, and I'm a lover of lotions and potions at heart. These little pads are gentle and thorough and my older skin has never looked better. I tested them by using them after my cleanser and the amount of makeup left on my skin was an eye-opener. Cleanser out, little pads in. Review by CarolannT / (Posted on 13/02/2017)
I love these I used to have them In green now I have two sets of the blush because I love the new colours Review by Brooke Elise / (Posted on 26/01/2017)
happy with product
great product, really works Review by tango / (Posted on 17/01/2017)
Easy to use and good for the skin
Loved it Review by Ivy / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
The make-up remover disks really work. All traces of makeup are easily and quickly wiped away. I've had a few blemishes come through but these are getting less frequent. I'm a convert. Thank you. Review by TinaB / (Posted on 28/12/2016)
Quick and easy
So easy to use, removes makeup quickly and thoroughly. I rinse the disc with hand soap when used, then place in the laundry bag till machine washing weekly. I no longer buy cleanser or toner and my oily T zone has gone - no more shiny face. Great for travelling too as they can go in your carry on. Review by Sharon / (Posted on 17/10/2016)
Best make up removers ever!!!!!
My daughter uses these for her dance make up removal and I wouldn't have her use anything else. Chemical free and easy to use, I absolutely love using them too. I can't believe how well they remove eye make up and no panda eyes the next day. Best make up removers ever! Review by Sandie H. / (Posted on 17/10/2016)
I've always had dry skin (I still do!), and using other makeup remover products makes my skin feel so tight - I'm loving just using the disc with water, my skin feels free! I was a little dubious that the discs would remove my mascara - but they do. I'm a convert - my skin is super soft too! Review by Marie / (Posted on 17/10/2016)
They work!
I can not believe how well these pads remove makeup especially eye make up! I gave some to my sister whom has very sensitive acne prone skin and she loves them aswell. I would definitely recommend this product. Review by Courtie / (Posted on 11/10/2016)
These make up remover pads are amazing. I no longer need any other products to cleanse my face. Eye make up and face make up comes off beautifully and my skin feels great. I wash them after each use with a touch of medicated soap and pop them in the washing machine every now and then. Saves heaps of time and money. Great for travelling too. Review by Sue / (Posted on 11/10/2016)
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