Makeup Remover Set (7) Lilac

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Makeup Remover Set (7) Lilac


The Santé Makeup Remover Set is essential to your honest skin care ritual and a beautiful you. Using just water, Santé’s super-soft fibre discs gently cleanse, lifting dirt and makeup from your skin's surface while maintaining the harmony of your skin's natural oils. The double-sided disc protects your most delicate areas, leaving water to do what it does best, soothe and hydrate. Perfect for all skin types Santé promotes healthy skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and revived. For healthy and vibrant skin it’s important to make sure longer lasting and waterproof makeup is removed and doesn’t build up over time. Instead of heading for harsh products, source Fair Trade coconut oil, it’s a great natural alternative that works perfectly with the Santé fibre for a nourishing makeup removal ritual.


For that once-a-week deep cleansing experience team with our Exfoliators, perfect for stimulating the skin for a glowing complexion.


Also available in Blush and Ocean, the makeup remover discs are kind to your skin and the environment. After cleansing pop the discs in the wash and use again, for beautifully healthy skin – always!


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Love them
I have been using these for about 3 years now and I love them (about to buy another set). I have multiple allergies so have always had so much trouble trying to find a product my skin wouldn't react to. I was very sceptical about these so my Mum gave me one to try (she was already a convert) and I have never looked back. Review by Sheena / (Posted on 6/08/2017)
really excellent, easy to use Review by bluchili / (Posted on 19/07/2017)
best purchase
I have bought double amounts of these wonderful face cleaners to share with friends and family. I just love love these cloths as they clean perfectly even removing mascara. I find them so quick and easy before going to bed, only need to put in water and wipe my face clean. My face feels so good after use. I have put some in my camping bag too as they are very convenient to use when amenities not readily available. No face cleaners required anymore just handy easy enjo. I am very pro the environment and this product promotes re use rather than buying tissues or cotton wool pads to throw away. I simply include in every day washing load as necessay Review by wonderful / (Posted on 17/07/2017)
In love!
Very gentle on my sensitive skin, removes 99% of the heavy makeup I wear every day. Love them! Review by Allana / (Posted on 19/06/2017)
I love using it them at night with coconut oil. My skin has never been better. They are great for when I travel as well. Review by CB / (Posted on 13/06/2017)
Washing bag needed some running repairs but apart from that very happy with your product Review by CB / (Posted on 6/06/2017)
Perfectly clean skin
So gentle and effective at removing every trace of makeup and dirt. My skin has never felt so clean and fresh with water alone. Review by Lauren / (Posted on 20/05/2017)
Best makeup remover
I've tried so many skin care products over the years and spent so much $$$ on packaged makeup remover wipes that often sting or dry out my skin. The Sante by Enjo makeup remover fibres are the best solution to thorough makeup removal on all skin types and the best for the environment too! Win win Review by Noni / (Posted on 18/04/2017)
Love these! My skin feels amazing! Review by Kaz / (Posted on 1/04/2017)
Very happy with the product
I use a lot of eye make up and the removal of this is so easy with my Sante Pads. My skin also feels very smooth. Review by Penny / (Posted on 30/03/2017)
clean & quick
love these - I don't use makeup very often but it just comes off with water. I use them daily to clean my face at bedtime, leaves your skin smooth and silky and dry in seconds Review by oscar / (Posted on 28/03/2017)
Love it.
Love it - I can't believe it gets my makeup off with only water. Review by Sharon / (Posted on 27/03/2017)
Removes makeup with only water as long as you really scrub your face. Great for travel as they are small and easy to carry. Like anything, you still have to cleanse your face to really look after your skin. Review by LMAE / (Posted on 26/03/2017)
Really easy to use ,perhaps a little too thick when using on eyes to remove eye makeup but they really remove it well. Review by Gypsy / (Posted on 25/03/2017)
Great product
Skin is clean and there is no irritation which often happens with other cleansing products. Review by Vxray / (Posted on 15/03/2017)
Soft and smooth
Great product. Leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth. My skin is looking finer and clearer - almost like porcelain! And so much more hygienic. Wash bag is great too Review by Lol / (Posted on 10/03/2017)
It works, and will last forever.
I was planning my return of these before I even received them... I thought it was a bit of a con job at the party... Seriously. They bloody work, and impressively. Takes about 4-5 swipes over each eye with just water and my mascara is clean off (I don't wear any other makeup so I can only speak for the mascara). Review by Leah / (Posted on 3/03/2017)
Awesome product! Enviro friendly and has kept my break outs to a minimum. Stoked on the result Review by J.D. / (Posted on 28/02/2017)
Found makeup removers very good. I didn't need to add any further products to remove mascara. Review by Judestar / (Posted on 12/02/2017)
Wonderful product
as per usual - another amazing enjoy product, disappointing at the postage charge on my order though, for $10 I would expect next day delivery not snail mail via australia post. You should use a different courier. Review by Liv / (Posted on 29/01/2017)
very good
I thnk this is sooo good for your skin. No blemishes from using this product and so eco friendly Review by none / (Posted on 9/01/2017)
Save the planet while saving your face
What a great solution for my face and our world! Love the little wash bag too. Clever. Review by Miss Gibby / (Posted on 5/01/2017)
Great for oily skin!
Have been using these for about a month now and have noticed a major improvement in my skin. I have quite oily skin and found using makeup wipes was too harsh and would strip all the natural oils on my face, making it go into over drive and breakout, since using the Sante makeup remover discs my skin is in such better condition and I haven't had anywhere near as many breakouts Review by Emily / (Posted on 21/12/2016)
Love them
Love it amazing how it can remove all the foundation just with water Review by Fanta / (Posted on 13/12/2016)
Great to use less chemicals on my face these wipe away all make up Review by Kell / (Posted on 30/11/2016)
Excellent product
Great product does all as promoted Review by bob / (Posted on 11/11/2016)
I can't believe it's not cleanser!
I love that these remove my makeup without anything except water! And they leave your skin feeling, and looking, really clean. The fact that they're reusable and easy to wash makes them even better! Review by Milly / (Posted on 10/11/2016)
Best Non-Chemical Cleansers by far!
To avoid chemical products I have instead taken off my mascara with oil and/or Vaseline for quite some time now but the oil affected my eyes (blurriness for a while after cleansing) and was tempted to buy an eye make-up remover again. I hosted an ENJO demo recently where I was gifted with one of the daily face offs and I won't look for anything else anymore. They are fabulous!!! Eye make-up and foundation remover and general cleanser in one go. My skin feels fresh and clean and no dry spots. I will definitely get more. Review by Anyushka / (Posted on 11/10/2016)
Money saver
I have used these for years and have now brought some for my teenage girl. Great for makeup removal face cleansing. Have saved me heaps as I do not but loads of cotton pads anymore. Review by BH / (Posted on 11/10/2016)
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