6 easy ways to remove plastics from your beauty routine


We all want to do our bit for the environment, taking part in Plastic-free July is a great place to start.

When it comes to looking at our own plastic waste, swapping the products and practices we carry out daily with plastic-free alternatives will have the biggest impact.

This includes our beauty and skin care routines.

Plastic + your beauty routine


The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Until the widespread use of plastic, beauty and skin care products often came in bar form, like soap, powders in tins or perfumes in glass bottles.

As the beauty and skin care industry has expanded so has plastic use, and we understand why.

Plastic is an extremely useful resource and perfect for most packaging, especially liquids.

The bad news, plastic packaging outlives the product you’re actually purchasing and in such quantities is a big problem for the planet.

Body washes, moisturisers, shampoo, condition, deodorant and toothpaste are just a few items we use religiously that tend to be packaged in plastic.

Why reducing plastic in your beauty routine matters


Most people on the planet buy some form of personal care products regularly, and owing to the convenience, effectiveness and price, plastic is the most popular choice for packaging.

Plastic is so durable and long-lasting it just continues to exist in our landfill and oceans as a danger to wildlife and pollutant of the Earth.

Choosing long-lasting sustainable products and supporting brands that actively minimise plastic waste is a great way to make a positive difference in your plastic-free plight.

Not only are you making a difference to the plastic waste you generate, but you’re also supporting brands that are actively making a difference.

Ignoring the problem and opting for a plastic packaging solution that’s tried, tested and cheap is easy.

The time, effort, research and money that goes into paving a new way for packaging beauty products is a big deal.

Supporting brands that go the extra mile to offer sustainable solutions (often at the expense of their profit margin) demonstrate a need for a solution.

It’s a powerful way to slowly but surely encourage other brands and labels to follow suit.   

How to get started


Overhauling your entire skin care and beauty routine is overwhelming (and expensive).

Start small, but start.

Look at the products you use and start with the ones you replace more frequently.

Research sustainable alternative, refillable options and companies that manage their waste and use packaging that’s recyclable or can be upcycled.

If it’s a product you love and just can’t replace, consider contacting the manufacturer about their choice of materials.

Before you throw out plastic packaging, look for ways to repurpose it before it becomes waste.

Here are 6 great plastic-free beauty and personal care alternatives to get you started.

6 ways to easily remove plastic from your beauty routine

1. Bar shampoo + condition

Testing out bar shampoo and condition is a great first step to reducing plastic in your beauty routine.

Bar soaps and conditions are reasonably priced and effective so there's minimal risk. Give it a try and see what you think.

2. Refillable body wash


Bar soap on your skin isn’t always agreeable.

If you’re into liquid body wash, look for plastic-free packaging and refillable option.

Buying in bulk and decanting is also a great way to reduce plastic waste.

3. Reusable makeup removers

Liquid makeup removers, wipes and cotton wool all come in plastic packaging and are disposable forms of makeup removal that generate waste.

Choose makeup removers that a reusable, come in useful packaging and can remove your makeup with just water.

Santé Makeup Removers are reusable for up to 250 washes, reducing waste and saving approximately $614 each year.

4. Plastic-free floss


Bamboo toothbrushes are commonplace in a sustainable dental hygiene routine, but what about floss?

Most dental floss comes in small plastic packaging and is made from nylon.

Green + kind have created a plant-based floss that comes in a refillable glass vial. 

5. Sun and sea protection

Sunscreen is a must for healthy skin, but most sun protection is available in either soft or hard plastic packaging.

To overcome the plastic packing issue, some sunscreen brands are packaging their product in handy tins instead.

Sunbutter has a great philosophy, protecting your skin while protecting the sea.

6. Waste-free deodorant

Whether you opt for spray or roll-on, traditionally deodorant comes in packaging that’s non-recyclable.

However, more and more deodorant brands are opting for recyclable cardboard packaging as opposed to plastic or refillable options.

Deodorant is something most of us rely on to keep us feeling fresh all day, so a little research will help find one that will work for you.

Read reviews, and if you find a waste-free deodorant you recommend, make sure you leave a review too. 


Have you made a plastic-free switch to your beauty routine?


Share you sustainable switch in the comments.