Santé Profile Series: Amy Castano


We're chatting this month with Amy Castano on all things beauty and skincare. Amy started her career in accounting and has now become one of the most successful beauty influencers in the country. She has built a hugely successful personal brand, and has gained a following of almost half a million people on Instagram.


What is your beauty philosophy?


Enhancing my natural beauty is always the best way to go. Work with what you got and you can never go wrong. 


A piece of beauty advice you got from your mother?


No matter what your day consists of, always add getting ready to your morning routine, you will feel better for it and always take off your makeup at night.


How do you take care of your skin post-workout?


I apply a moisturiser after washing my face before working out as it’s usually in the mornings and make sure to cleanse and do my full morning skincare routine after.


How important is hydration is for your skin?


Incredibly important. Not just through the skincare you use but also through water consumption. I try to aim for close to 4L per day.


You gave up alcohol in 2020, did this have any effects on your skin?


Absolutely. I feel it is much more youthful and less lacklustre.



When do you feel most beautiful?


For me makeup isn’t a mask, it is enhancing your natural beauty and who doesn’t love a little bit of enhancement? So I feel the most beautiful when I have natural glowy everyday makeup.


Your favourite beauty indulgence?


Layering active serums.


Can you share with us your favourite skincare trick?


I really like to listen to my skin and what it needs. Our skin is constantly changing so it’s important to change our skincare with it.


What inspired you to shift towards sustainable and ethical beauty practices?


It was the wastage for me. This is something I could change and really make an impact on, as it is something I do daily. Adding that up over time is a huge amount of waste.



If you had to pick one, what would be your favourite Santé product and why? 


The exfoliator. I love that it gets rid of my makeup but also allows my skincare to take more effect by removing dead skin cells without being too harsh.