Beauty conversations with inspiring + influential people: Renata Jovev





We love learning from makeup and skin specialists with a passion for what they do.

We had the pleasure of working with and interviewing Perth-based Makeup Artist Renata Jovev to find out some of her beauty hacks and skin care secrets.


How long have you been doing people's makeup?

About 5.5 years now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else; it doesn’t feel like a job to me.

I’m so lucky and time has really flown since my journey all began!

Spring has sprung; can you tell us your top 3 makeup tips for spring?

Tip 1. Always, always, always wear SPF to protect your skin from the sun to maintain a healthy glow to your skin

Tip 2. Try and use a foundation that will give your skin a fresh, dewy effect.

Dewy skin makes you appear more awake and fresh and is very on brand for that spring vibe.

Tip 3. Invest more in skincare and your makeup will last longer, trust me! Using Santé is a great first step.

What prompted you to start using Santé by ENJO?

When I became a mother I really started informing myself about toxins in our home.

I switched over to ENJO for home cleaning as I wanted a low-tox, low-chemical home for my son.

So it made sense to now switch over to Santé for my skin to minimise the chemicals I put on my skin.

As a professional MUA have you noticed a growing consumer trend towards natural skin care? If so why do you think it has become so popular?

Yes! Absolutely.

More and more people are becoming aware of what they put on their skin and how it affects their skin.

I think we are becoming and in many cases already are a generation of knowledge, we invest in what is best!

Can you give us an insider hack for cleaning your beauty tools?

Clean them often; I’m often shocked to hear people tell me that they don’t clean their brushes for months or even a year!

You can google recipes of home brush cleansers using vinegar and oil or even natural soaps to give them a good clean.

Next time try making your own as chemicals affect the longevity of your beauty tools.

And finally, can you tell us which is your favourite Santé product and why you love it?

That's such a hard question, but right now it’s the Face Cleanser, it just removes my face masks so easily using less water and making less mess in the bathroom.

I’m a mum too so it saves me time during my skin care routine.

Oh and I use it to clean my brushes!