Beauty in sustainability

When you think beauty, is sustainability a word that comes to mind? This is not a new topic but it’s now one of the biggest conversations, or should we say buzzwords, in the beauty world, and we are doing more than just hash-tagging it

Sustainability in the beauty industry means recyclable packaging, minimised quantities of single-use plastics, responsibly sourced and safe-to-use ingredients, and small-footprint production from start to finish.

Sounds straightforward enough, almost as if it should be a given. So why is this such a big conversation?
Because while we appreciate what this industry does to boost our sense of self and wellbeing, it also remains responsible for a great deal of waste that continues to take a damaging toll on the environment. To put this into perspective, in 2019 the cosmetics industry was valued at $532 billion and growing by nearly 5 per cent each year since 2016. Can you imagine what that number equates to in waste and less-than-friendly ingredients?

You know this is a pretty big deal when high-end brands begin to shift their traditional focus of cutting-edge technology, science-based results and having the highest quality ingredients to boasting post-consumer recycled packaging and ingredient transparency.

There is so much beauty to be found when you combine self-care and sustainability; you just need to know what you are looking for.

But with the beauty industry being spoilt for choice, where can you start?

Learn what’s important to you

Science lab 

Before you go on the hunt for a new skin care or beauty routine, take the time to identify what you care about. 

Is it the endless amounts of packaging that accompany each product? The product formulations and ingredient sourcing that have very little regulations? Or are you interested in a company’s additional efforts to come up with eco-minded programs to help reduce waste and off-set manufacturing processes? 

Opt for a brand that shares your values and go from there.

Start small

Makeup remover comparison 

It can be overwhelming trying to be perfectly sustainable all the time, but that doesn’t mean a series of small actions can’t make a big environmental impact.

Never is that truer than in the beauty and personal care space.

Begin by focusing on one aspect of sustainable beauty, perfect it, and then begin to focus on another.

Do your research

Beautiful ocean

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ‘greenwashing’ in the beauty industry.

Greenwashing is when a company makes a false claim that a product is ‘good’ for the environment. You can however see through the falsities by simply doing your research.

Learn about the company and check out their ingredient list through their website.

Often a brand with an authentic commitment to sustainability will be transparent about all aspects of their business and will willingly answer your questions.

Less-is-more skin care is in 

Woman washes face with water

Adopt a simpler routine, take less steps, use less products, apply less ingredients.

Long gone are the days where we want the 12-step routine with 12 different products that we must complete twice a day. We no longer have the time or need.

We also know that a longer ingredient list doesn’t necessarily equal better results. In fact, as you increase the number of ingredients in a product, there’s a risk that the active ingredient becomes less bioactive, so you may not get the benefits of the most important ingredients.

When it comes to a beauty routine, less is more.

Santé makeup remover blush

Finding the balance between cost, sustainability and safety in beauty isn’t simple but it can be done, and it has been done with Santé skin care + water.

Woman sewing santé by ENJO

Santé's sustainability story starts at the beginning: an ethical supply chain with all materials sourced and products manufactured through a carefully selected network of suppliers located around the world, many of which have worked with Sante since the product was first produced in 1990. Austria, where the brand was founded, is by far the biggest sourcing country for the manufacturing and material supply and is also is the second-best recycling country in the world, with a recycling rate of 53.8%.

Using minimal compostable, reusable and/or recyclable packaging, Santé offers a simple solution to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate with just fibre technology and water. No chemicals, no waste and reusable for up to 3 years.

Within those 3 years, a single set of Makeup Removers (7) will replace 3,285 disposable wipes, 5,475 single-use cotton pads and 36 bottles of liquid-based cleansers. The impact of replacing your entire skin care routine with Santé goes even further.

After 3 years of use, the fibres are then returned to Austria for the final step in the sustainability journey where the upcycling chain begins. Upcycled fibres are reproduced into insulation or car seat filling giving all fibres a second life.

ENJO Fibres for upcycling

With Santé, sustainability is simply in our DNA.

Learn more about who Santé is as a brand and the products on offer to see if fibre technology skin care is the right fit for your sustainable beauty needs.