How to care for your Santé Fibres



Santé’s unique fibres work to lift and trap impurities from your skin with just water. Handcrafted in Austria from the finest raw materials, if cared for correctly, Santé’s Fibres can last up to three years.


What our fibres are made of



Our range is handmade using the finest raw materials, specially designed for your skincare routine. We’ve carefully considered the composition and weave of our fibres. Our fibres are free from harmful and toxic substances. These raw materials have been carefully selected, as they can be engineered to clean effectively without the need for harsh chemicals, and can do so for much longer than natural fibres.


The combination of materials varies depending on the purpose and intended area of the body. However, it’s the polyamide and polyester that maximise Santé’s wedge-shaped fibres, which are 100 times finer than a human hair.


Santé Fibres like…


- Being washed before first use

- Being washed in the Santé Laundry Bag

- Being washed at 40-60°C

- Being air dried


For the best results, let the fibres work their skin-loving magic by using gently in a soft circular motion. Keep fibres in tip-top condition by washing with just detergent (no fabric softener) and air drying (no tumble drying).


Our fibres don’t like…


- Fabric softeners

- Bleach

- Being dry cleaned

- Being tumbled dried


Everyday care



For a light, natural make-up look, handwash your fibres after each use. This includes the removal of BB cream, light foundations (such as Nars Sheer Glow) and minimal eye makeup. See below our step-by-step guide to use our reusable skincare.



Step 1 – After use, add water until your Santé Fibre/s are completely soaked.



Step 2 – Apply soap (hand soap works well!) and deeply massage both sides in a circular motion.




Step 3 - At the end of your week, wash your fibres in the Santé Laundry Bag at 60°C. Do not use fabric softeners and air dry (no dryers!).


Reuse for the next 3 years and discard plastic waste. Voila!





When your Santé Fibres have been used to remove heavy makeup or face masks, it’s time to show them some love. Spoil your Santé Fibres with a hot bath! This includes the removal of smokey eyes, oil-based foundations and waterproof mascara. 


Need a bit of extra help? Lectric soda, which you can purchase from most supermarkets, is fantastic for getting your Santé products looking like new! Soak fibres overnight in a strong solution, before washing normally. Lectric Soda is environmentally friendly, has no phosphates, fragrances or colourants. For more information, click here. Keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of this treatment. 



Step 1: Pour approximately 4L of hot water into a bowl. The water should be around 60°C, which is about the temperature of the hottest setting on your tap.



Step 2: Add approximately 2 cups of Lectric Soda to the hot water and stir.



Step 3: Place your fibre/s into the water and make sure they are fully submerged.



Step 4: Soak for 8 - 12hrs. We recommend doing this overnight while you get your beauty sleep. 



Step 5: Take the fibre product/s out of the bowl and squeeze out the water. Wash the product/s in the washing machine using laundry liquid. The results will surprise you! 


Watch this video to see the treatment in action!



Reuse, then repurpose


We don’t want our skincare stacking up in landfill. When the time comes to refresh your reusable routine, return your fibres to us for upcycling. To return your old fibres, get in contact with us