Follow this routine and never experience dry lips again
Kiss goodbye to dry lips for good

Follow this routine and never experience dry lips again


Beautiful lips – we all want them, but annoyingly our lips are highly sensitive to weather, temperature, external pollutants, food *and* drink. It only takes the slightest imbalance or abrupt change and we can be left with cracked, chapped, dry or flaky lips.

Made of muscle and the thinnest skin on your entire body, our lips respond so easily to external factors. Plus, without oil or sweat glands to help rebalance any changes, and zero melanin-producing cells, it’s up to us to ensure we look after our lips!

We have the best daily and weekly lip care routine for the perfect pout plus top tips to restore your lips.

Daily lip care (Monday-Saturday)

Morning routine

Products | SPF lip balm and Santé Face Cleanser

Your morning lip care routine is all about preparation and protection. Overnight our cells repair and regenerate (which is one of the reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is important for gorgeous skin), meaning we often wake up with dry, flaky lips as we shed our old skin cells.

Step 1

If you wear lipstick (and even if you don’t), this first step is a daily must. Simply wet the Santé Face Cleanser on the cleansing side and buff over your lips in a soft circular motion. Santé fibres are 100 times finer than a human hair, which means they very gently slough away dry and flaky skin cells. Plus, the sensation of all those fine fibres on your highly sensitive lips promotes blood flow which in turn promotes full and firm lips.

Step 2

Even if you spend the majority of your day indoors, protecting your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays is essential to keep your skin and lips looking smooth and youthful. Our lips produce no melanin, which makes them highly susceptible to sun damage, so without protection, you’re leaving your lips totally exposed. In addition to the risk of cancer, the sun’s rays impact the production of collagen leading to lip ageing. So apply a nourishing lip balm that contains a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Evening routine

Products | Santé Makeup Remover and super nourishing Coconut Cream

Your evening lip care routine is all about nourishing and regenerating. To allow our skin cells to do this we need to ensure all makeup and impurities that settle on our skin throughout the day are thoroughly removed.

Step 1

Wet your Santé Makeup Remover and remove the day’s makeup, impurities and dead skin cells. Makeup gets trapped in the fine fibres and is lifted away effortlessly without needing other chemical products that can have a drying effect on your delicate lips.

Step 2

Before you go to sleep it’s important to lock in as much moisture as possible to prevent your lips from drying out overnight. Using something entirely natural and nourishing like Santé’s Coconut Cream will ensure no harsh chemicals or preservatives are sitting on your lips overnight, plus the natural oil forms a barrier that naturally locks in moisture.

Weekly lip care (Sunday)

Products | Santé Exfoliator disc, honey, Santé Makeup Remover and Coconut Cream

By maintaining your morning and evening lip care routine you’re ensuring that day-to-day your lips are nourished and healthy, but exfoliation is something you need to do once-a-week for a beautifully plump pout.

Step 1

Start by wetting the Santé’s Exfoliator disc; the rough fibre is perfect for buffing and sloughing away dry and dead skin cells. Work lightly in a soft circular motion and let the fibres do the hard work.

Step 2

Apply honey and massage it into your lips for a couple of minutes. Honey contains natural agents such as antioxidants and enzymes that are super nourishing for your lips. Honey also contains zinc for fighting free radicals. The process of massaging honey into your lips will help boost blood flow for fuller healthy lips.

Step 3

Use the Santé Makeup Remover to gently lift off excess honey.

Step 4

Apply Santé’s Coconut Cream for a moisture burst.

Top tips to restore your lips

Don’t lick your lips, it might feel hydrating, but the enzymes found in saliva are too harsh and the saliva evaporates leaving your lips dry.

Avoid smoking and breathing in through your mouth. Smoking has obvious health implications and can seriously age and line your lips.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B and E such as fresh orange juice, almonds, spinach, avocado and butternut squash.

If you spend a lot of time in a drying environment such as an office with air-conditioning, apply balm regularly, something that contains beeswax or coconut oil will prevent evaporation.

Avoid lip products that contain salicylic acid, this is extremely drying for your lips.

Stay hydrated throughout the day, drink plenty of water and incorporate moisture-rich foods such as watermelon and cucumber.

Always wear sunscreen in the day and remove your makeup as a part of your nighttime skin care routine.

Spend a couple of minutes every week massaging your lips to increase circulation.

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