Ecological Facelift 


The beauty industry has come under fire in recent years for its toxic product ingredients and their negative effect on our oceans. However, there are many easy switches you can make for a better skin care routine, which helps our marine life.


Next time you wash cosmetics with chemical ingredients down the drain, consider the effects the toxins can cause to the environment and eco systems. A few major problematic beauty ingredients are oxybenzone, benzophenone, octinoxate and parabens. They are extremely harmful to coral reefs (and the question of whether they are harmful to humans remains a mystery).


When these chemicals are introduced into our oceans, it causes the coral to expel their algae. Without these algae, the coral can “bleach” (turn white) and may even die. This in turn affects thousands of species of fish.



Many traditional exfoliating products also contain microbeads, which are tiny balls of plastic used in body and facial scrubs. Some products can contain over 300,000 microbeads per tube. These eventually end up in the ocean and create toxins in the water. They are also eaten by marine life, either killing the fish or winding up on our dinner plates.



Santé’s exfoliators are made using smart fibre technology, to buff away build-up for bright and beautiful skin. Just add water and use in a soft circular motion to let our extra-gentle exfoliating fibres reveal a velvety-smooth complexion. You’ll no longer need harsh face scrubs, microbeads or chemical exfoliators.


Our exfoliators are now available in limited edition coral and aqua, to inspire you to transfer the same love and care we share with our families, into our relationship with the earth. Especially the quest to protect our oceans.


Given they only need water, Santé products don’t need any chemicals, which removes the potential reef-harming ingredients that contribute to coral bleaching. We can therefore lead a more eco- and marine-friendly lifestyle with swapping out your beauty essentials with Santé.


There are many misconceptions about fibres and man made materials when it comes to microplastics. At Santé, we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. To read more about our fibres, microplastics and how you can help reduce your impact click here