Check out our natural solutions to improve your energy level

Edit your daily routine for more energy

Check out our natural solutions to improve your energy level

Taking on the New Year requires energy, you’ve set goals and have made plans for an action-packed year ahead, and to make it all happen you need to be on top form, have your zest for life in-check and all of your energy (plus some) to pull it off.
There are so many reasons why you feel good when you have more energy, for one, you’re more productive, you’re focused and when you’re achieving your daily goals, your mood is instantly elevated!

To work at our maximum capacity, our bodies require energy, the food we eat, the time we set aside to rest, and the time we set aside to exercise our bodies and minds, are all equally important in ensuring our bodies have optimal energy for optimal output…but how do we find an abundance of energy and how do we maintain it?

Fortunately for us, we have time on our side! We all get 24 hours in a day, and although we’re busy, finding a little time here and there to turn our attention to our self and health can be done.

Making a few easy edits to your daily routine will see a boost in your energy levels and set you on track for an energy-full 2017.

Waking up and getting out of bed is never the easiest thing, especially when you’re responding to the sound of your alarm clock at an indecent hour. Until now, emerging bleary-eyed and cranking up the coffee machine might have been your go-to solution…but we’re happy to announce that yoga is the wake-up wonder cure you’ve been looking for. Overnight our muscles are at rest, by stretching and engaging your core first thing, you’re waking up your body naturally, activating your muscles and stimulating blood flow to your organs. You’ll feel energised and alert and ready to take on the day.

Food is our bodies fuel, the foods we consume are broken down and our bodies work to utilise all the essential elements to keep us functioning. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose that fuels every single cell, proteins provide our cells with the materials they need to grow, then we have fats, vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping our body running properly. A well-balance breakfast first thing in the morning will ensure you have all the energy your body needs to take on the day. Check out our recent post ‘Wake up to wellness’ for 10 delightfully delicious breakfast ideas to fuel your day.

Mental energy is just as important as your physical energy; our lives are becoming busier, there are more distractions and multi-tasking has become the standard. Feeling overwhelmed and splitting our mental energy across multiple projects can leave you feeling drained. Maximise your productivity and re-shape your focus by taking some time out. Meditation and/or setting time aside for personal reading can be a great way to let your brain switch gears, this helps train your brain and improve your ability to focus, meaning you’ll expend less energy on distractions and feel good!

To feel good throughout the day, you need to keep your body fueled with the right stuff….and timing is everything! Leaving it too late between meals can lead to your blood sugar levels dropping and your metabolism slowing. To avoid this dip and maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day, mid-morning and afternoon snacking is the smart solution, even snacking before bed has been shown to help you wake up better. Make sure you snack smart to avoid a big spike and then drop in energy levels, nuts such are a great ‘on-the-go energizer’, high in both energy and protein!

When you’ve has a long day, the last thing you’re inclined to think about is hitting the gym – but whether you’re feeling mentally or physically drained (or both!), exercise has been shown to really make a difference, boosting your concentration and focus by increasing blood circulation and oxygen levels to your brain and muscles1. As your body becomes stronger, and your lung capacity and circulatory system gets stronger, your body uses your energy more efficiently, improving your stamina meaning you have more energy for longer.

We’ve established that the foods you eat to fuel your body and thus your blood glucose plays a crucial factor in your daily energy levels. If you’re finding that you feel low on energy quite regularly, try making a conscious effort to sustain a diet with food that has a low glycaemic index. Foods with a low glycaemic index are broken down slowly, keeping a steady stream of glucose (and thus energy) in your blood stream. Think fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dried fruits and natural yoghurt. 

Staying hydrated is essential for feeling good and maintaining your energy levels. Aside from our bodies being made up of water, water also aids digestion, helping our bodies break down molecules that create energy. Stick with water and avoid sugary drinks that will cause a spike, and then consequential crash in your blood sugar levels.

Fresh air does wonders for the body, mind, soul...and energy levels. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is associated with greater vitality.2 A combination of fresh air, sunshine and physical movement has shown to be a better way to get energized and ward off the feeling of exhaustion, so step outside next time you feel your energy levels dropping.

It might sound like a kind of obvious tip…but sleep is so important for your health and energy level. When you’ve had little sleep, no matter the foods you eat and exercise you undergo – you’re going to feel low on energy. In a world where we can be constantly connected, ensuring you switch off completely will do wonders for your mood and energy levels alike. Create a relaxing evening routine to prepare yourself for a good nights rest, try to avoid connecting on social channels and make sure you hit the pillow for at least 7 hours sleep.

Matcha tea gives you all of the energy of a caffeinated drink, with none of the crash by delivering caffeine slowly to your body. Matcha literally means ‘powered tea’, the whole leaves are ingested offering a more potent source of nutrients than steeped green tea3. This method of drinking green tea is said to help you stay focussed longer and enhance your mental acuity4! Full of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s also a strong antioxidant.