Forever Young...Looking After Teen Skin
Avoid acne with our top tips for a simple teen skin care routine

Forever young... looking after teen skin

Avoid Acne With Our Top Tips For A Simple Teen Skin Care Routine

If there is ever the time to introduce a kind and caring skin care routine, your teens are it! Personal hygiene has become ‘a thing’, you’re more aware of your appearance…and unfortunately during these fun-filled years, your body can make some adjustments to your skin that you’re not going to love.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate our marvellous skin! From our first day in the world, it works tirelessly as a barrier to protect us from pathogens and minimises water loss to keep our bodies functioning… but like most marvellous things, it’s not without its issues!

For most, until our teens our skin has been working so well you probably didn’t/haven’t given it much thought. Enter your teens and your skin has to deal with a lot! Balancing out chemical and hormonal changes, glands in your skin can start overproducing oil that leaves 85%1 of teens with acne.

Ranging in severity, aside from being unpleasant, acne is a big tell-tell sign that the time to start a skin care routine has arrived, and the most effective way to treat and prevent acne is with a simple (and kind) skin care routine!

Young skin (especially) benefits from gentle products, keeping it protected over time. However, if you start experiencing acne you’re going to want it gone, and fast and investing in the harsh stuff might be tempting…but like most things, when it comes to looking after ourselves, the manmade and synthetic don’t compare to the natural and chemical-free.

The most effective way to manage oily and acne-prone skin is to avoid harsh skin care products and that’s because chemical cleansers combat acne by drying oil from the skin. It might sound like what you’re looking for, but this can make your skin too dry, and in an attempt to bring back balance the skin overcompensates and produces even more oil2...not the answer.

Plus, a lot of these products can cause stinging, burning or irritation which is a strong indicator that the cleanser is working too aggressively and stripping the skin3…also not the answer.

When it comes to preventing and treating acne, making sure your skin is effectively cleansed is important, but so is maintaining a consistent skin care routine that balances your skins natural oils. We’ve put together our top tips for looking after young acne-prone skin with a natural routine.

Our tips


If your skin is prone to acne, preventing infection by removing dirt and bacteria is essential. Cleanse with Santé’s gentle Face Glove twice a day. Santé’s unique fibres reach into your pores to clear dirt and bacteria without disrupting the harmony of your skins natural oils. Your skin is clean without the chemicals. 



Cleansing chemical-free with Santé means if you have extremely oily skin you can cleanse more than twice a day if you feel your skin needs it, and no chemicals means no dry skin and chemical residue blocking your pores.


Young skin doesn’t need to be smothered with products, especially if you have acne. Chemicals can irritate and inflame the skin, so cleanse with Santé and water alone to leave your skin clean and fresh. By allowing your skin to breathe at night you should see improvements in your skin’s clarity.


If you have dry skin and cleansing with Santé and water leaves your skin needing a little help in the hydration department, try using a jojoba or argan oil, they are light on the skin, perfect for a nourishing and natural approach on acne-prone skin.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes healthy new skin growth, it’s the key to healthy skin. If you suffer from acne, removing the build-up of dead skin cells is especially important. Santé’s Exfoliator Set works to buff the skin’s surface without chemicals or microbeads, sloughing off old cells and revealing soft new skin.


Keep exfoliation kind and chemical free, and stick to exfoliating a maximum of twice a week so you don’t aggravate and inflame acne-prone skin.


Quite simply your skin is a reflection of your internal health, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t ring truer when it comes to your skin. To reduce acne flare-ups eat a balanced diet, increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and reduce your intake of processed foods – your skin will thank you for it.


Eat acne-fighting foods that have anti-inflammatory properties such as blueberries, celery and beetroot!


A must for all skin types, but if you suffer from acne, preventing makeup building-up in your pores will prevent infection and scarring. Santé’s Makeup Remover Set has your chemical-free makeup removal covered, and it’s easier than anything else. A set of seven specially designed discs gently lift makeup from your skin’s surface with just water. The special weave of the fibres ensures all makeup is lifted and trapped in the surface.


Santé’s range works amazingly well to remove heavy sunscreen, which is so important for keeping acne-prone skin clean and clear.


Acne can be extremely frustrating, and in the effort to clear a flare-up as soon as possible, switching from product to product in the hope of a miracle is understandable. But maintaining a kind and natural skin care routine is the only solution, let your skin get familiar with a natural routine and make adjustments to your skin’s natural oils.


Start your simple skin care routine with Santé’s Forever Young Bundle or For Him Bundle for 30 days…and if you don’t see the difference in your skin’s health, no worries, simply return for your money back within the 30 day period.

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