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Are sheet masks the new plastic straws?


Harsh maybe…but as the news cycles through stories on climate change, carbon emissions and what to do about the planet’s compounding pollution problem, we can’t help but put single-use beauty products under scrutiny. 




A growing number of cities across the world have banned plastic straws and plastic bags in an effort to tackle the waste problem. But what about beauty products that are made to be used once and then thrown out? We’re talking about eye masks and sheet face masks, which create a lot of unnecessary plastic waste. 



In the case of sheet and eye masks, there’s the pouch, the mask and sometimes the mask is wrapped in a plastic sheet. Usually, none of the components are recyclable and all of them end up in the trash, making it one of the more wasteful treatments you can do in 20 minutes or less.


At Santé, we’re all about tackling the ugly side of the beauty industry and promoting sustainable, game-changing skincare. When we’re chatting about the sustainability of skincare products, there are three rules we live by - refuse, reduce, reuse. 





Say no to plastic wherever possible and single-use beauty items. Refusing plastic waste is particularly important when it comes to packaging. For example, if it’s in cardboard or other types of recyclable packing, it gets a green light from us.


All Santé products are shipped in either recyclable boxes or compostable bags, contained within their laundry bags (without being padded out with irresponsible bubble wrap!). 





Reducing your beauty waste is all about making the switch to more sustainable options. We’re not asking you to give up your weekly face mask ritual. But we are asking you to consider reducing your impact on the planet.


For example, instead of using sheet masks or under-eye patches, we suggest Alya Skin’s Australian Pink Clay Mask. Apply and remove responsibly with sustainable beauty accessories, such as Santé’s Face Cleaner




(Santé product featured on the right)


Less is more. The world of skincare can be exciting, but also overwhelming.


Instead of wasteful wipes, liquid cleansers + exfoliators loaded with complex ingredients, replace your skincare products with Santé’s reusable range.


Our super-soft, super-fine fibres lift, trap and remove makeup, dirt build-up and dead skin cells with just water, and without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Best yet, place your Santé products in their laundry bag and wash for reusable skincare products for up to 3 years.


Beware of cheap knock-off beauty products which claim to be reusable, but often won’t last the distance and end up in landfill after a few uses anyway.