The complete guide to hydrated skin when you travel

Traveling for business or pleasure can take its toll on your skin whether you’re a frequent or first-time flier. With every single mile-high minute you can literally feel the moisture being drawn from your skin.

Flying in itself is exhausting, there’s the mental preparation, the packing, sticking to timeframes, getting to the airport at unreasonable hours and changing time zones; and on top of all this the environment you’re flying in does your skin no favours.

What happens to your skin when you fly?

Aeroplane cabins are pressurised, cramped, have a low humidity, and contain a mixture of fresh and recirculated air, a magical mix that all contribute to a dry and dull complexion.

The pressure and high altitude naturally reduces the body’s blood flow, meaning there’s less blood being circulated around the body, and less oxygen reaching the surface of the skin. On top of this, the cramped conditions mean you’re moving around less, further reducing circulation leading to sad skin.

Our skin enjoys a humid environment, it’s essential for healthy, moisture-full skin. Typically plane cabins are extremely dry and dehydrating, at around 12% humidity, the environment is actually drier than most deserts1…not what your skin wants.

These dry and dehydrating conditions leave you arriving at your destination with flaky, tight, dull and irritated skin.

Genius travel skin care tips

Maintaining a beautiful skin care routine is important for healthy skin, which means taking care of your travel skin is especially important owing to the unfavourable conditions. But fear not, there are plenty of kind and caring skin care rituals you can carry out that will have you emerge from the plane with near-perfect skin…it’s all in the prep.

ONE. Super skin care tonic

Before you even leave for the airport, think about giving your skin a little immunity boost. A good practice to put in place for your overall health and wellbeing. This skin-loving recipe creates a potent skin care elixir sure to see your skin sigh with relief.

TWO. Prepare your skin

Prepare your skin before you leave for the airport by cleansing, exfoliating and applying a naturally powerful moisturiser such as organic coconut oil. Try kind and chemical-free products as this will allow your skin to maintain its natural balance of hydrating oils, which will be extremely beneficial to your skin when flying. Massage the coconut oil into your skin for a few minutes, this will boost your circulation and promote healthy skin regeneration.

THREE. Avoid makeup on long haul flights

Let’s face it, long haul flights are rarely comfortable, so any little thing you can do to help feel relaxed and refreshed is worth it. Makeup can have drying effects on your skin at the best of times, with little fresh air and low humidity you’re going to want a fresh face to top up your moisturiser throughout a flight.

FOUR. Hydrate

One of the most effective ways to maintain your skin’s moisture is to make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water. Take an empty reusable drink bottle with you in your hand luggage and ask the flight attendant to fill it up throughout the flight.

FIVE. In-flight refresh

This one is especially important for long haul flights. Cleansing mid-flight is a nice refresh for the skin, and will also slough away dry and flaky skin that builds up over time in dry conditions. Santé Makeup Remover discs are a great on-flight cleansing tool, they are super light and there’s no need to carry liquids on board. Simply wet the fibre disc and use in a soft circular motion. The fine fibres gently buff the skin and stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface.

SIX. Moisturise

After your in-flight cleanse, rehydrating your skin is essential. Take a travel-sized amount of coconut oil with you and apply frequently throughout the flight. Coconut oil is not only an excellent moisturiser, it will also create a hydrating barrier on the surface of your skin, preventing your skin’s natural oils from being lost to the dry atmosphere. Coconut oil is also versatile and great for nourishing your lips, nails and hair.