How santé skin care works

We all want to invest our time and money in a skin care routine that works. 

There are so many options when it comes to skin care products it can be overwhelming.

Your skin care needs to suit your skin type, be kind, simple and affordable.  

When it comes to skin care we believe in three things; a simplified skin-loving routinenext-level makeup removal and sustainable beauty.

No harsh ingredients and award-winning results, Santé has your skin care routine covered.

How is Santé’s skin care range different?

No harsh ingredients

Santé means 'health' in French as we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Santé replaces chemical formulas and disposable wipes with a range of handcrafted fibre skin care products that effectively remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate by adding just water.

Truly sustainable skin care

Unlike other skin care products, Santé is truly sustainable, with no pointless packaging or chemical waste, Santé products are reusable for up to 250 washes. We also upcycle old products after use.

Designed to be kind

The ultra-fine fibre that makeup Santé’s unique range was originally designed for use by medical practitioners for the very careful cleaning of broken skin… this is the secret to how Santé really works.

The fibres are 100 times finer than a human hair and are woven uniquely to create a large (but also super soft) surface area that allows them to effectively lift dirt, impurities, oil and bacteria from the skin’s surface with minimal effort or damage to your healthy skin cells.

The superfine fibres also stimulate the surface of the skin, boosting circulation for beautifully clean, smooth and bright skin.

Award-winning makeup removal

Makeup removal products can be tough on your skin or contain ingredients that irritate or sting.

Our Makeup Remover was voted Cosmopolitan Magazine Makeup Remover of the year, for all these reasons.

How does Santé skin care work?

A lot of skin care products contain 101 different ingredients, most of which your skin would never naturally come into contact with or necessarily need.

Santé skin care works in a way that reflects how your skin takes care of itself naturally.

About your skin

The stratum corneum is the top layer of the epidermis (which is the top layer of our skin). It consists of about 20 layers of specialised cells that are slightly tougher than most cells.

Its main function is to defend against dehydration and to protect the layers underneath. 

The epidermis (which includes the stratum corneum) is made up of tightly packed cells that are continually shedding from the top layer, this takes about 35 days.

This is also where our pores are. Our pores allow sweat and oil to escape.

Continual skin cell renewal can lead to pores becoming blocked with oil and dead skin cell which can lead to pimples.

Santé skin care works by helping your skin remove the build-up of dirt,
dead skin cells and excess oil gently.

The fine fibres slough away skin cells to reveal healthy cells underneath and remove dead cells to prevent pores from becoming blocked. 

The epidermis can be prone to allergies or irritations, by just using water, Santé avoids aggravating or dehydrating your skin with chemicals or fragrance.

The Santé skin care routine

Step 1 | Makeup Removal + cleansing

Removing your makeup and cleansing is a must for healthy skin.

The Santé makeup remover is made up of superfine fibres that lift and trap makeup in the weave.

Just add water for 100% makeup removal. No stinging, no harsh ingredients and no wasteful wipes.

The fibres also cleanse the skin, clearing your pores of any dirt, grime and dead skin cells that build-up throughout the day.

Step 2 | Exfoliation

All skin types can reap the benefits of exfoliating the skin from time to time.

You want to ensure dead skin cells are sloughed away regularly to keep your pores clean and clear.

Santé’s exfoliating discs are made up of fibres that stimulate the skin’s surface.

Simply wet the disc and use lightly in a soft circular motion for about a minute.

Your skin will instantly feel smooth and soft. 

Step 3 | Face Mask

Treating your skin to a nourishing and natural face mask is a great way to brighten and hydrate your skin.

The Santé Face Cleanser is the perfect mask-removing tool to lift your mask while giving your newly-nourished skin a gentle cleanse.

How are Santé skin care products made? 

All Santé skin care products are handmade, cruelty-free and made in our carbon-neutral HQ in a region in Austria renowned for their prowess in the textile industry.

Made from the finest raw textiles that are certified environmentally and health friendly, Santé skin care products are also individually quality checked. 

How long do Santé skin care products last?

Santé skin care products last up to 3 years (depending on how/how often they are used) and are super easy to care for.

All Santé product arrive in a Laundry Bag, when dirty, simply pop your Santé skin care products into the laundry bag and wash on a cycle between 40-60°C.

Air dry and avoid using with fabric softeners and your sustainable skin care products are ready to be reused again and again.

Can Santé really remove makeup with just water?

Yes – and they have a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award to prove it.

Santé Makeup Removers have been designed to do just that, remove makeup in a way that’s kind and caring to skin.

Water acts as the natural solvent, gently breaking down makeup and impurities on the skin’s surface.

The uniquely fine, wedge-shaped fibres work to gently loosen and lift the makeup from the skin’s surface and lashes. Once lifted, the weave of the fibres hold the makeup tight and won’t release it until the fibres are washed.

Can Santé remove waterproof makeup?

Santé fibres still work really well at removing waterproof makeup, you just need to use a slightly different natural solvent.

Add a little nourishing coconut oil onto your skin and lashes, this helps melt away waterproof makeup, then use your Santé’s Makeup Removers to lift makeup from your lashes and skin.

Your skin will be 100% makeup-free and velvety smooth.

Is Santé suitable for oily skin?

Oily skin comes with many challenges and getting the balance right can be tricky.

Cleansing too often with products that strip the skin of excess oil can cause your skin to overcompensate and produce even more oil, however, you need to cleanse regularly to keep your pores free of oil and dead skin cells that can lead to pimples.

The superfine fibres that makeup Santé’s skin care range lift oil from the skin effortlessly and the great part is all you need is water. It’s a refreshing way to cleanse without harsh products.

Is Santé suitable for dry skin?

Dry skin is usually very sensitive as it's lacking the protective moisture barrier, this means soaps and cleansers can often cause irritation.

Santé fibres are super soft and by using just water, they help maintain the balance of your skin’s natural oils.

For very dry skin, we recommend using coconut oil as a nourishing and natural moisturiser. 

What other benefits are there to using Santé’s skin care range?


It’s simple

Maintaining a routine can be hard at the best of times, keeping it simple means you'll stick to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

It’s kind in more ways than one

No harsh chemicals mean it’s not only kind to your skin, but it’s also kind to the environment too. No chemical pollution and reusable products reduce contribution to landfill.

It’s quick

Remove your make up and cleanse in under 2 minutes!

It really works

Many skin care products claim to transform your skin… Santé skin care helps take care of your skin, healthy skin is beautiful skin. 

It's dermatologically tested

We put our skin care products to the test to make sure your skin will love them as much as we do.

Dermatest is a research institute that employs dermatologists to apply tests and digital analysis to skin care products and employs volunteers to report on user experience to ensure skin care products are safe, effective and loved by the user. 

When used in the morning and evening under clinical-dermatological conditions the Santé Face Cleanser gave the test subjects “substantially improved evenness and improved appearance of pores”.

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