How santé skin care works

We are all for routine when it comes to skin care, but if your current routine means you’re missing out on a modern approach to caring for your skin… we feel it’s time we stepped in.

We’re talking about an award-winning skin care routine that has your makeup removal, cleansing and exfoliation needs covered without a single harsh chemical. Got your interest?

It’s time to redefine your skin care routine, and here we’ve answered all the questions you could possibly have about Santé skin care.


How is Santé’s skin care range different?


Santé is all about naturally beautiful skin, and looks to replace chemical formulas and solutions with a range of handcrafted products that work effectively to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate just by adding water. Unlike other skin care products, Santé is a truly sustainable product, no packaging, no chemicals, long-lasting, and the best part… it actually works.

The ultra-fine fibres that makeup Santé’s unique range were originally designed for use by medical practitioners for wound debridement… which might sound off-putting…but this is the secret to how Santé really works. These fibres are 100 times finer than a human hair and are woven uniquely to create a large (but also super soft) surface area that allows them to effectively lift dirt, impurities, oil and bacteria from the skin’s surface with minimal effort.

The superfine fibres also stimulate the surface of the skin, boosting circulation for beautifully clean, smooth and bright skin.


How are they made and what are they made from?


All Santé skin care products are made from the finest raw textiles that are certified environmentally and health friendly. Each product is lovingly handcrafted by seamstresses at the Santé by ENJO headquarters in Austria, and are individually hand-checked before they are shipped to Australian shores.

These skin care products are made to last!


How long do Santé skin care products last?


Santé skin care products last up to 3 years (depending on how/how often they are used) and are super easy to care for. Any Santé fibre product purchased arrives in a Laundry Bag, and at the end of the week you simply pop your Santé skin care products into the laundry bag and wash on a cycle between 40-60°C. Air dry and avoid using with fabric softeners and your sustainable skin care products are ready to be reused again and again.


Can Santé really remove makeup with just water?


Yes – and they have a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award to prove it. Santé Makeup Removers have been designed to do just that, remove makeup in a way that’s kind and caring to skin. Water simply acts as the natural solvent, gently breaking down makeup and impurities on the skin’s surface. The uniquely fine, wedge-shaped fibres work to gently loosen and lift the makeup from the skin’s surface and lashes. Once lifted, the weave of the fibres hold the makeup tight and won’t release it until the fibres are washed.


What about waterproof makeup?


The award-winning Santé fibres still work really well at removing waterproof makeup, you just need to use a slightly different natural solvent. Simply add a little nourishing coconut oil onto your skin and lashes and massage into the skin, Santé’s Coconut Cream literally melts makeup away, then simply use Santé’s Makeup Removers to lift makeup from your lashes and the skin’s surface. You’ll be makeup free with a velvety smooth complexion.


Is Santé suitable for oily skin?

Oily skin comes with many challenges and getting the balance right can be tricky. You don’t want to cleanse too often, but you want to feel fresh. It’s also important you don’t overdo products designed to strip the skin of excess oil, this leaves your skin with no alternative than to overcompensate and produce even more oil. The superfine fibres that makeup Santé’s skin care range lift oil from the skin effortlessly and the great part is all you need is water. It’s a refreshing way to cleanse without harsh products.


Is Santé suitable for dry skin?

Dry skin is usually very sensitive, without the skin’s protective moisture barrier dry skin is often irritated by soaps and cleansers that contain chemicals. Santé fibres are super soft and by using just water, they help maintain the balance of your skin’s natural oils. For very dry skin, we recommend using coconut oil as a nourishing and natural solvent; Santé’s Coconut Cream helps melt away impurities (and makeup) from the skin’s surface while Santé fibres lift and trap them. The added bonus is that the Coconut Cream forms a non-greasy barrier to help lock-in moisture.


How do I remove makeup with Santé?

Step 1 | Wet your Makeup Remover and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2 | Work the Makeup Remover in soft circular motion over the skin’s surface and let the fine fibres and unique weave lift makeup and impurities.

Step 3 | Gently pat your skin dry, we love using a super soft, super absorbent Bamboo Face Towel.


How do I remove waterproof mascara with Santé?


Step 1 | Use your fingertips to apply Santé’s Coconut Cream, being gentle to the delicate eye area when coating the lashes.

Step 2 | Massage into the skin to let the natural oils work their magic and melt away the makeup.

Step 3 | Wet your Santé Makeup Remover and let the fine fibres gently cleanse and lift makeup from the skin’s surface.

How do I cleanse with Santé?

It couldn’t be simpler.


Facial cleansing


The Santé Face Glove is the perfect product for everyday cleansing and once-a-week exfoliation.

Step 1 | Wet the cleansing side of the Santé Face Glove.

Step 2 | Gently cleanse the skin of the face and neck in a soft circular motion.

Step 3 | Dry with Santé’s super soft Bamboo Face Towel.

TIP – if you have dry skin, massage a little of Santé Coconut Cream into the skin with the tips of your fingers. The natural and nourishing oils will melt into the skin and leave your skin feeling velvety soft.


Body cleansing


The Santé Body Glove is the perfect product for everyday body cleansing and once-a-week exfoliation.

Step 1 | Wet the cleansing side of the Santé Body Glove while in the shower.

Step 2 | Gently cleanse in a long sweeping motion.

TIP – massage a little of Santé Coconut Cream into common dry areas such as heels, elbows and knees.


Can I exfoliate with Santé?


Yes! Exfoliating is an important step in maintaining healthy skin by removing dry and dead skin cells to reveal new, bright and shiny skin.

Santé has developed a different fibre that works effectively to gently buff and slough away dead skin cells once a week. This fibre is available as part of the double-sided Body Glove and Face Glove and there is also Santé’s Exfoliator Set (2). They work much in the same way as Santé’s cleansing and makeup removal range, except you only need to use them once a week.


Can you use Santé’s Makeup Removers with other products?

Santé Makeup Removers are amazing solo, but we understand people have their favourite products, simply replacing disposable cotton wool pads for 7 Santé discs will see you on the path to sustainable skin care.


What other benefits are there to using Santé’s skin care range?


It’s simple…

Maintaining a routine can be hard at the best of times, and as a skin care routine is essential Santé has made it simple, one set of products and a few steps for sublime skin.


It’s kind in more ways than one…

No harsh chemicals mean it’s not only kind to your skin, but it’s also kind to the environment too. No chemical pollution and reusable products reduce contribution to landfill.


It’s quick…

Remove your make up and cleanse in under 3 minutes!


It really works…

We know that many cosmetic and skin care products have claimed to transform your skin… we’re not claiming to work miracles, but quite simply our skin care range works. Water and our unique fibres are a match made in makeup-removal heaven, cleanse completely with no harsh products and exfoliate more effectively than ever before.


It’s convenient…

We all know convenience plays a big part in our decision-making process, and there is no skin care range more convenient that Santé. Everything you need for your weekly skin care routine for up to 3 years.