How santé soothes dry skin

Does your skin crave moisture and all the ways to lock it in? Then this post is for you.

It’s tight, it’s flaky, it’s dry. Whether your dry skin is seasonal or an everyday affliction, the way you care for your skin and the products you use can work wonders at combating the problem and we think we have the skin-loving solutions.

Avoid Sahara-like skin cells

Your body is your temple and you want to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Drink plenty of water, eat water-rich foods and avoid salty snack that might leave your taste-buds satisfied, but will leave your skin cells as dry as the Sahara.

Don’t put alcohol (or soap) on your face

If you have dry skin, there are certain skin care ingredients you don't want to put on your face. Remove your makeup and cleanse without any alcohol-infused wipes and soap-containing cleansers. Choose magical Makeup Removers that remove makeup with just water, Santé makeup Removers are 100% skin-loving, helping your skin maintain the hydrating balance of natural oils while lifting away your makeup.

Stay cool when you cleanse

Stay cool and cleanse kindly with cool to water warm – never hot. If you cleanse your complexion with hot water, your skin will dry out super-fast, and it won’t feel good. If you can handle the chill, use cold water for a glowing complexion.

Pay lip service

If you have dry skin then you probably have dry lips… and when you do, it’s probably all you can think about. Rule number one, don’t lick them, the enzymes in your saliva are harsh on fine skin and once the saliva evaporates, your lip will feel drier than ever. Invest in a nourishing and natural lip balm and take time-out once-a-week to hydrate your lips with a sweet and restoring routine.

Don’t flake, exfoliate

Buff your way to a more hydrated complexion. So simple and so effective, exfoliating is a must for removing dry and flaky layers of dead skin. Santé’s exfoliating fibres are designed to be used super gently for maximum effect, simply add water and buff in a soft circular motion one-to-two times a week. By removing this layer of dry, dead skin, when it comes to applying a nourishing and natural moisturiser, it will be absorbed more effectively.

Mask-on, mask-off

A daily skin care routine on repeat (remove makeup, cleanse, moisturise) will help maintain healthy skin that’s balanced. If your skin still needs a little help in the moisture department, a weekly (metaphoric) moisture injection is a good habit to keep, so give your skin a weekly treat and apply a natural, moisture-full mask.