And a feel fabulous this festive season

How to maintain you health and beauty routine...

The party season is upon us and the New Year is fast approaching, with so much to celebrate over the next few weeks, maintaining your health and beauty routine can seem a challenge to say the least! With the addition of festive foods, drinks and late nights, there’s also the sunny summer days and indoor air conditioning for your skin to contend with.

Not that we are complaining! Socialising and overindulging every now and then keeps life fun, adding to your overall sense of wellbeing, it’s good for the soul…and after 12 months of hard work, rounding off the year with well-deserved celebrations with family and friends is how it should be.

We’re all for enjoying the festivities…but don’t really want to compromise on our health, skin and beauty routine…and luckily…we don’t think we have to! We’ve done our research and have found some really simple ways in which you can maintain your beauty routine throughout the festive season, so fear not, have fun and look fab.

Keep on cleansing
When the party season is in full swing, a few too many late nights can lead to sloppy standards when it comes to your skin care routine. Daily cleansing and makeup removal is essential for beautifully bright and happy skin, it’s not a step you want to be skipping any time of year. Keep your skin care routine on track by adopting a natural, simple approach to caring for your skin. Santé Makeup Removers are perfect for everyday cleansing and makeup removal, needing nothing but water and one Santé disc you can remove all your makeup and be ready for bed in no time. Want to see the Santé magic in action? Watch this quick video by Beauty Crew!

Add something to the water
Staying hydrated is key during the festive season! It’s hot, you’re busy, and if you’re indulging in a festive-tipple and salty season snacks, upping your intake of water will keep your body balanced. Our bodies are approximately 60% water, it keeps us functioning and helps rids the body of skin-harming toxins. Adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to your water has multiple benefits. It will keep staying hydrated flavour-full and interesting, and by adding the right ingredients you can incorporate additional health benefits too! Drinking a warm water with lemon is a great way to start the day, firstly you’re getting a jump-start on your recommended water intake, plus the lemon cleanses your system, alkalises your body and aids digestion. In the afternoon infusing your water with berries and mint is not only a winning flavour combination, the berries add vitamin C that helps combat free-radicals to help keep your party skin clear and happy! Image source

Calm puffy eyes
Long days, late nights and glamming up for festive functions can lead to tired-looking eyes in the morning. Don’t hide puffy eyes behind sunglasses this holiday season, for bright and beautiful eyes, pop two slightly damp Santé Makeup Remover discs in the fridge to cool overnight. In the morning, place the cool discs on your eyes, lay back and relax for five minutes. The cooling effect of the discs will diminish puffy eyes leaving your bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Maintain your morning routine
With festive lunches, delicious dinners and party snacks, you can have your fill before you’ve had your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. We wouldn’t suggest you skip partaking in the festive feasting, but, to make sure your intake of essential vitamins and minerals isn’t compromised, we would suggest utilising breakfast and the mid-morning as the time to eat clean and fresh. Check out a recent post with 10 healthy and nourishing breakfast recipes that set you off on the right track and plan your morning tea snack ahead of time, with raw veggies and dips a great way to incorporate veggies before dinner time. Image source

Take 2 mins to give your skin a boost
Massaging your face, neck and décolletage is a simple way to achieve glowing skin without the salon price tag. The pressure created by massage helps move blood through congested areas, boosting circulation that improves skin tone and creates that gorgeous glow Exfoliating is the next step, refining your skin’s texture, keeping it smooth and even. For bright skin throughout the holiday season use a Santé Exfoliator disc once a week, with a uniquely woven fibre, Santé Exfoliators gently buff the skin’s surface, removing dry, dead skin cells to reveal silky smooth, beautiful skin.

Move it, move it!
Don’t worry about a little extra over-indulgence this festive season, just set aside a bit of time to make up for it. Research has shown that short bursts of intense exercise produce similar results to longer-duration workouts. To work hard not smart, there are some really great workout apps that can keep you on track with reminders and short duration exercise plans that can be done throughout the day. Quick bursts of exercise increase your blood flow which helps nourish your skin cells for radiant looking skin.