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Hygge…why we’re loving this Danish lifestyle trend

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures

Scandinavian countries just seem to get it right! Known to be happier than other nations, it’s not surprising the rest of the world find their culture so intriguing! Surrounded by natural beauty, they have a government system they respect, a great education system and appear to be ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to sustainable living …oh and let’s not forget their prowess when it comes to style and design!

Hygge (pronounced hooga)1 comes from the Norwegian word for well-being2 and is an all-encompassing representation of the Danish culture! It’s described as a feeling, and it involves enjoying the good things in life and enjoying them in the moment.

It’s believed that Hygge came to exist because of the long, dark Scandinavian winters, where spending time indoors is inevitable. They believe creating a warm and beautiful atmosphere, and surrounding yourself with lovely things is good for the soul…and it appears the rest of the world is finally waking up to the concept and finding a deep appreciation for all things beautiful.

If you’re embracing the Hygge lifestyle you’re less likely to be wasteful, you respect products that are skilfully made, and you’re more likely to carefully select household items and buy something because you truly love it… this (along with finding the beauty in everything) is the type of philosophy we love!

Santé is all about honest skin care, and appreciating the simple things in life that contribute to your overall sense of well-being. Taking things back to a minimalist approach where you can enjoy the simple pleasure of cleansing your skin (without chemicals) and the feeling of drying your skin with a beautifully made Bamboo Face Towel …it’s those little things that create Hygge, it's something that’s beautiful and can be found everywhere…if you look for it.

For Nordic countries where the sun goes down at 3pm through winter, Hygge is often associated with getting cosy in front of the fire with your favourite book, drinking tea from beautiful china or enjoying a new pair of cashmere socks…but just because the Aussie sun shines bright doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the Hygge culture.

We’ve put together a few simple ideas to create Hygge in your home, to reduce stress levels and develop a sense of happiness for the soul.

Keep it simple

Hygge is about taking pleasure in simple things, not necessarily the fancy or luxurious. Something as simple as an early morning walk down to the beach with nothing but a beautiful Beach Towel, book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee for company. Appreciate the fresh ocean air, the sound of the tide and the early morning sun on your skin….heaven.

Add pattern and texture

Texture brings a room to life. There’s something about adding different textures to your home that makes it inviting and creates a sense of warmth. Beautiful rugs, faux-fur throws and comfy knitted cushions all contribute to Hygge, so think about the texture in your home and mix things up to create a living space you love. Source: Loombrand

Don’t rush things

We can all be a little guilty of taking our daily routine a little too seriously…get home from work, cook dinner, eat dinner, clear away dinner….let’s stop you right there! Enjoying your food and your company (whether it be your own, or friends and family) is all essential to the Hygge way of living. So after your last mouthful, hang back, enjoy a chat or reflect on your day. Source: Bloglovin

Create a hideaway

Our homes are our shelter, they are practical and highly functional… but they are also our sanctuary, our own little slice of the world. Dedicating a small area to all the things you love is a great way to embed Hygge into your home life. It could be your bedroom hideaway, bathroom retreat or a reading corner, just surround yourself with the thing you love and you’ll be happier for it. Source: lindsaymarcella

Bring the outdoors in

There are so many health benefits for bringing plants into your home, but surrounding yourself by nature is a sure fire way to make your house a home. They bring happiness, look beautiful, and inspire creativity…essentially nature at its finest. Simple appreciation for the lovely…Hygge personified. Source: townhallhotel - Instagram

Cook something you love

We all have that traditional family recipe or childhood favourite that never fails to satisfy your nostalgia and your taste buds. From something as humble as cheese on toast to your Mum’s roast dinner, take a little time-out to make your favourite dish with all the love it deserves, and enjoy devouring it amongst friends or family. Source: Sacromentostreet

Be hospitable

Whether you have invited friends over for dinner or your family pop around unannounced, Hygge is all about creating an inviting atmosphere. So set the mood by lighting candles, playing music and offering snacks and drinks upon arrival. No need for anything fancy, a simple sharing board of cheese and crackers and you’re all set to enjoy life’s simple pleasures in good company. Source: ilovenature

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