Isolation skin? Here's what to do 


Isolation (aka 'iso') skin is a real thing. When we're stuck indoors (without fresh air) our skin can suffer.

This is especially true when we spend more time on our phones, tablets and computers. Because more screentime means more blue light exposure, which penetrates the skin deeper than UVA and UVB to cause pigmentation.

However, whilst being trapped at home has its downsides, there's also plenty of positives! With more time on our hands, we can spend it looking after our skin.

You can even turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. All you need is your favourite Santé bundleKeep reading for some luxurious at-home treatments your skin will thank you for...



 Best Bundle: Insta Glow



Let your skin breathe and buff away impurities for healthy skin from head to toe.

Use the Face Exfoliator and Body Cleanser 2-3 times a week to gently remove dead skin cells and congestion.

Best used after cleansing, simply add water to the fibre and use in a soft circular motion to let our extra-gentle exfoliating fibres reveal a velvety-smooth complexion.



Our Insta Glow Bundle is the only bundle that has you covered with exfoliating products for your face and body. But it also includes our other best selling products, inducing the extremely popular Santé Makeup Removers and Face Cleanser


Freshen your face 

Best Bundle: Face Essentials




Wanting to focus on your face? The Santé Face Essentials Bundle has you sorted whether you're feeling dry and flakey or having trouble with excess oil and breakouts.


This amazing all-around facial bundle is made up of the Face CleanerMakeup Removers and Face Exfoliator.


Whilst you're not exposing your skin to the outside elements and pollution, you shouldn't skip out on cleansing. But that doesn't mean reaching for traditional cleansing gels, creams or foams. Instead, ditch the chemicals and plastic bottles and switch to our sustainable Santé Face Cleaner.


The Face Cleaner lifts impurities and cleanses completely with zero harsh ingredients or irresponsible waste. Just add water for glowing skin all day long. For a more invigorating facial treatment, follow cleansing with the exfoliator side. 


Because you only need H2O and Santé's Fibre technology, there's no nasty drying effect from soaps and liquid cleansers. 



The Makeup Removers are perfect for when the time comes to wear makeup again. As the gentle fibres work deep into your pores to remove makeup without the need for disposable makeup wipes.


Face Masks 

 Best Bundle: Santé x Alya Mask Trio



Go one step further to brighten your day, or at least your skin, with a face mask. We suggest the Alya Australian Pink Clay Mask, which detoxifies and brightens the skin, whilst reducing redness.

Apply mask to face, avoiding eye area, eyebrows and mouth. Let your mask dry for 10 minutes then remove gently with the Santé Face Cleanser and water.



Use the gentle cleansing side for sensitive skin, or the exfoliator side to remove build-up. Pat dry with the Santé Bamboo Face Towel. Then say hello to beautiful and glowing skin!


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