It’s official, makeup remover wipes are out…find out what’s in

Make the switch to simple and sustainable…you won’t regret it

Whether makeup remover wipes are an integral part of your skin care routine or not, they are ubiquitous, and if you wear makeup it’s likely that you have tried them at some point.

The truth is, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to skin care…and there’s a reason for that…demand. To supply our demand the beauty and skin care market is huge… with Australia alone spending over $100 billion annually on ‘looking good’, and $729 million of that is on products for our skin.1


Such a big market is naturally teeming with competition, and with competition comes innovation, advancements, and changes in the way we do things.


Our skin care routine is the perfect example, we’ve gone from warm water and a bar of soap to having so much choice. From cleansers, toners, exfoliators and balms, you can take your pick of oil-based, foam-based, non-foaming, soap-free…the options are seemingly endless and the routine subsequently elaborate.


Makeup remover wipes were born out of our modern need for convenience and speed, and have revolutionised how we remove our makeup. There’s no denying it, removing your makeup is tedious and can be time-consuming, and removal wipes may be your quick and convenient choice… but more and more people are wising up to the problems disposable wipes present and the effects they have on the skin.


From your skin’s health and their effectiveness to the health of our environment, here’s why we should wipe out the wipes for good…and don’t worry, we will share a superior solution for beautifully cleansed skin and rapid makeup removal too!




We love convenience as much as the next person, but when it comes to skin care, effectiveness beats convenience every time. Makeup removal is so important for healthy skin, and by removing your makeup with a disposable wipe…you’re not doing right by your skin. The chemicals contained in the wipes loosen and remove makeup to a degree, but essentially, without water, you’re just moving dirt around your face and leaving a chemical residue behind.



Our skin’s most outer layer absorbs the skin care products we use, so it’s important to consider their nature and origin. Face wipes are designed for expediency, but they are also designed to last on the shelf…which means preservatives! Formaldehyde-releasing chemicals are often used to prevent the wipes spoiling, and formaldehyde causes skin irritation and even allergies in some cases. Formaldehyde is also classified as a probable human carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)… so not entirely nourishing for your skin.2



Makeup remover wipes contain alcohol to help break down and remove your makeup efficiently. Alcohol also works to break down your skin’s natural barrier and then evaporates to leave skin dry and irritated.3 As you’re not cleansing the skin, alcohol can remain on your skin overnight causing even more damage.




Some cleansing wipes may claim to be biodegradable…but when you consider most are designed to keep their shape and integrity and maintain a long shelf life…breaking down after single use is hardly likely in the short term. Just because you can flush a product away doesn’t mean you should, wipes are clogging up waterways and polluting our oceans at an astonishing rate. Marine wildlife suffers as animals ingest the wipes they mistake for jellyfish, and any effect to one species has a knock on effect.4



Wipes have become increasingly popular…so much so, the term fatberg has entered our vernacular. For a product so small and seemingly insignificant huge blockages or ‘fatbergs’ made up of disposable wipes are being pulled from pipes around the world. Some weighing as much as a tonne5 and costing the authorities millions of dollars to remove. According to Sydney Water, one in four Sydney residents use ‘flushable’ wipes and more than 1000 tonnes of wet wipe materials have been removed from Sydney’s wastewater system in the past 2 years.6



If we told you there was a product that, like disposable wipes, removed your makeup quickly with minimal effort, but unlike disposable wipes was actually good for your skin…would you be interested? What if we added that you needed no chemicals, no alcohol, no preservative, and you could reuse the product, again and again, …even more interested?


Of course, we are talking about Santé’s Makeup Remover discs! Handcrafted from the finest raw materials, the uniquely woven fibres are super fine, which means they physically lift and trap makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface using nothing but water. So unlike wipes, there are no chemicals, and you’re not just moving makeup and dirt around your face. The texture of the discs also stimulates the skin’s surface to promote new cell growth and a glowing complexion.


But are they really able to replace wipes when it comes to convenience? In a word, yes! Picture this, you’re out late, you come home, you want to crawl into bed but you have to remove your makeup. Ditch the wipes and keep your Santé Makeup Remover discs on your nightstand with a bottle of water. Simply wet your Makeup Remover disc and cleanse your skin in bed, no chemical residue, no drying alcohol, your skin’s natural oils remain balanced and you’ll wake up fresh-faced and ready for the day ahead


The cherry on the cake is that Santé’s Makeup Remover Set comes with seven discs, one for each day of the week, and once they have been used, simply pop them in their laundry bag and wash to use again. No waste, no pollution, just beautiful skin from beautiful skin care.


Sound too good to be true? To see Santé’s Makeup Removers in action see our Makeup Removal Video and be sure to check out our great reviews.

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2.U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air and Radiation. Report to Congress on Indoor Air Quality, Volume II: Assessment and Control of Indoor Air Pollution, 1989.