Modern day motherhood: a daughter and son’s perspective


They are there from the very beginning, our mentors, minders and our biggest fans. Anticipating our needs before we can even communicate, motherhood is demanding to say the very least, and we’re thankful to all the Mums and the women behind the role who balance the responsibility of family life with everyday tasks and their own passions and endeavours.

In honour of this special day we’re getting a daughter and son’s perspective on their Mum’s and what they have taught them.


Actress, environmentalist and ambassador for Santé by ENJO’s sustainable skin care range, the brilliant and beautiful Isabel Lucas travels the world for her craft and along the way carves out a beautiful and minimalist lifestyle quite contrary to the typical Hollywood starlet. 

What would you consider the most valuable thing your Mum has taught you? 

Patience, and empathy that comes without judgement. 

If you had to describe her in 3 words what would they be? 

Patient, intuitive and generous. 

Do you have any beauty or skin care tips your Mum passed down to you? 

She is into natural beauty, and introduced me to essential oils when I was young. When my sister and I were very little, she used to put ylang yang and lavender into a water-spray bottle and spray it around our bedroom. She called it 'angel bait’ and it was meant to attract angels so we would always sleep well! 

Are there any healthy habits she instilled from a young age? 

As kids my Mum always encouraged us to be creative, draw a lot, and surround ourselves by nature. We also kept animals that we took care of, this installed daily habits and sense of responsibility to all creatures great and small, even if it was a little mouse or a fish, we were responsible for caring for them. My Mum always bought organic food, but when I was young issues with GMO foods didn’t really exist, she also encouraged us to drink lots of water. 

Do you have a favourite memory or past time spent with Mum? 

So many. I remember attending her dance workshops, she used to incorporate dance therapy into her job working with autistic children; she worked with children on both ends of the spectrum. This is partly why she is so patient, she can see things through a flexible, non-judgemental perspective. My sister and I used to help her with the kids when we were very little and dance around with fabric and play dress-up with the kids.


Executive Manager and heir to the ENJO empire, Mark de Corti reveals what life’s like following in the footsteps of the Queen of Clean, entrepreneur and ambassador for women in business.

What would you consider the most valuable thing your Mum has taught you?

My Mum has taught me so much, but the one thing I think has been most valuable to me is that you have to take the lows with the highs and persevere. It’s such an important message, lows are a part of life, they make us work harder for what we want and appreciate the highs that much more.

If you had to describe her in 3 words what would they be?

The three words that best describe my Mum would have to be strong, ambitious, and supportive, but above all else, through the highs and the lows she’s Mum, and that trumps all.

Are there any healthy habits she instilled in you from a young age?

Living a chemical free lifestyle has always been the mindset my Mum has passed on to me when it comes to health and wellbeing. She started ENJO because of the impact chemical cleaning products were having on my asthma symptoms, and that just emphasised the importance of considering the products we brought into our home, and using natural ingredients as much as possible. My Mum also instilled in me the urge to help others, and fortunately thanks to ENJO’s success we’ve been able to do that. Our recent partnership with Asthma Australia has been extremely important to us, and it’s great to know we’re helping fund research to find a cure for a disease that affects so many people and has such strong ties the brand we live and breathe.

What is it like having a successful business owner for a Mum?

It is intimidating as much as it is inspiring. Being surrounded by someone who has achieved so much can really be a driver to get things done.

What has she taught you than you will pass on to your own children?

I hope I can teach my children the importance of compassion and empathy. In our modern lives we can have relationships, business or otherwise, with people all around the world without ever actually meeting the person your communicating with. I hope that although the methods in which we make contact and communicate with people evolves, we don’t forget to consider and appreciate the feelings of others.