5 NY resolutions you should keep for beautiful skin
5 NY resolutions you should keep for beautiful skin

5 NY resolutions you should keep for beautiful skin

Your 2018 skin goals

Another New Year always comes with so many good intentions, and we think beautiful skin all-day-every-day should be a-top of that list.

Treat your skin right this year and it will reward you with its radiance all the way into 2019. Simply stick to these five simple New Year’s resolutions for your skin.

Hydrate with powered-up water


Your skin cells love water, it helps keep them perfectly plump reducing the appearance of fine lines and a dull complexion. Plus, maintaining your water intake helps your body flush away toxins. Drink 6-8 glasses a day to keep your skin happy and try pumping up the hydrating power by adding rose water. Rose water helps boost hydration and calms the appearance of irritated skin.

Take off your makeup

Makeup Removal

Not removing your makeup properly is a skin care sin never to be repeated. The makeup build-up clogs your pores, leads to blemishes, a dull complexion and skin ageing. Remove your makeup with minimal fuss with our gem of a Makeup Remover. Just add water (and a little Coconut Cream for waterproof makeup) to melt away makeup from deep within your pores. You can even do it from the comfort of your bed!

Catch all of your zzz

Sleep well

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, beauty sleep is a real thing. Create a space you can’t wait to snuggle up in, and put a good night’s sleep on your to-do list for this year and enjoy a clean and clear complexion, bright eyes and bags of energy.

Exfoliate on the regular


Not only does exfoliating leave you feeling silky smooth, it helps maintain skin tone and a bright complexion. Remove chemicals from the process and buff gently on the regular with Santé’s exfoliating fibres to slough away dead skin cells and boost your circulation.

Protect from the pins up

Sun protection

Spending time in the sun can boost your mood, but it does your skin no favours. Be happy and healthy by applying sunscreen every single day. Even when there’s nothing but clouds the sun can damage your delicate skin cells, so incorporate sunscreen into your 2018 skin care routine.