Nights in were made for skin prep

We’ve got the glow-getting routine for skin that shines bright like a diamond all weekend. You do.


Nights in were made for pampering and we’ve got the glow-getting routine that will keep your skin in the bright and beautiful category for days.


Take off the day and smooth things over

Start your evening by taking it all off. Let your skin breathe by removing makeup, lifting impurities and giving your face a gentle little buff with a chemical-free exfoliation.



Brighten your beautiful self

Use a brightening face mask with Santé’s glow-getting fibres for the ultimate weekly skin treat. 


Dry body brush

Boost your circulation and stimulate skin cell renewal well into the night with a pre-shower dry body brushing session.



All-over skin-awakening cleanse

Hop into the shower and buff. Lift impurities and slough away dead skin cells from top-to-toe.



Hydrate every inch

Keep dry bits at bay and nourish your skin naturally, with skin-loving coconut oils. Your skin will be super soft and smells delicious.



PJs on

Comfort is everything.



Me time

Time to yourself is almost impossible when you have your mobile phone on hand. Set a timer and give yourself at least an hour that’s all for you!



Lights out

All this prep means nothing if you stay up all night watching Netflix. Sleep does wonders for your complexion, catch enough ‘z’s to let your skin repair and rejuvenate.