Santé Profile Series: Nikkia Joy


With over 1.1 million loyal social followers and years of expertise gained from working as a professional makeup artist, Nikkia Joy has built up a wealth of beauty knowledge and experience to share with her loyal fans. Her YouTube channel has a cult following of make-up enthusiasts and fellow beauty professionals who love Nikkia’s lively and entertaining videos.

Showcasing new products, old favourites, expert techniques and the latest in global beauty trends, Nikkia creates educational and engaging content across her social channels as she shares indispensable advice as a firm-favourite beauty guru. We interviewed Nikkia this month to find out more about her skincare rituals and why she loves working with Santé. 



Tell us what it means to have your own line of beauty products?

It's honestly a dream! And such a 'pinch-me' moment every time I use them, and see others using them! I'm so lucky to be in a position where as a part of my job, I test pretty much every product out there, and it's given me a really unique insight into exactly what I want in a product (and exactly what is missing in the market)!


What responsibilities do you feel come with being a makeup influencer?

It is a huge responsibility, because I know that every recommendation I make has an impact on someone else's life and wallet! I always make sure to really test products as thoroughly as I possibly can before recommending them. I've always said, if I wouldn't recommend it to my mum or besties, then I won't recommend it to my audience!


What’s your morning skincare rituals?

I'm pretty picky about my morning routine because I have an oily skin type, so I always aim for products that are lightweight and won't leave any residue on my skin or interfere with my makeup! A good eye cream, a lightweight all-rounder serum and a gel moisturizer are my go to's! And then of course SPF! The most important step - I slather myself in it!


What’s your evening skincare routine?

My evening routine is a little more low key. I'm a huge fan of using AHA's, a good resurfacing serum and I swear by an oil as the last step in my night time routine - you wake up so glowy and hydrated without feeling sticky overnight!



Run us through your must have makeup products?

Definitely our Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Velvet Finishing Powder is my absolute must have! It makes your skin look so smooth and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day! I also swear by the Dior Face and Body Foundation - it's completely customisable and can be worn totally sheered out or built up for a full coverage look! I'm also still obsessed with MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick - it's the perfect nude that looks great on anyone!


Why do you think a regular skincare routine is important?

Keeping it regular is the only way you will ever see and maintain results! You can't just use a product once and expect to be able to see a difference. Keeping the same routine keeps your skin balanced and it's quite amazing the changes you will see by even implementing the most basic routine.


What does ‘self-care’ mean to you?

For me, self-care is anything that makes you feel good - and that can look so different for every person. For some, it might be a Sunday spent with family and for others, it might mean getting a facial or having a bubble bath!


And why is self-care important?

I have always made a conscious effort to make time in my life to do things that I love and prioritise self-care, because without it everything else falls apart. If you don't take the time to give yourself a bit of love, you can't love your job, you can't love your family and you can't love your life! It's so easy to get burnt out and self-care plays a huge role in preventing that from happening. Plus you only live once - so make sure to enjoy it!


Why did you decide to partner with Santé?

From the first time I tried the products, I was hooked! My skin loved them. They are genuinely effective and so much better for the environment, so it was really a no brainer for me.



If you had to pick one, what would your favourite Santé product be and why?

The makeup remover is my absolute favourite! I use them for so many different things! I use them alone with water, in conjunction with cleansers. I use them to help exfoliate and to remove face masks - the options are endless! And every time I throw them in the wash they come out looking perfectly brand new again!


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