Your how-to guide to healthy skin

For a skin care routine that's kind to your skin no matter your skin type

Our how-to guide to healthy skin

For a skin care routine that's kind to your skin no matter your skin type

Understand your skin and how it works to discover the best way to maintain healthy skin while staying home. 


We all want clear and healthy skin and your skin care routine makes a difference.

Understanding your skin is a good place to start when it comes to understanding your skin care.  

Why is taking care of your skin important?

Our skin does a lot for us!

24/7 our skin is performing all kinds of function for our health and well-being.

It helps regulate our body temperature, shields us from pathogenic microbes and is essential for us to experience the sensation of touch.

To understand how to take care of our skin properly, it’s important to know what our skin is made of and how it works.

How our skin works

Our skin is made up of several layers. 

Stratum corneum

The stratum corneum is the top layer of the epidermis (top layer of the skin).

It’s about 20 layers of specialised cells that are tougher than most cells and are continually shedding.

Its main function is to defend against dehydration, toxins, bacteria and to protect the layers underneath. 


The epidermis is made up of tightly packed cells and is continually shedding dead cells from the top layer which takes about 35 days.

This is where our pores are. Our pores allow sweat and oil to escape.

This layer can be prone to allergies or irritations.


Beneath the epidermis is the dermis.

This layer is thick because it has a lot going on, like housing our sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, connective tissue, nerve endings and lymph vessels.

The dermis also contains elastin and collagen which support the structure of our skin. 


This is the bottom layer of the skin.

The hypodermis connects our skin to our bones and muscles.

It also contains fat cells that help keep us warm.

Let’s talk pores + oil

The oil our pores release is called sebum.

It coats the skin as a protective layer making it hard for bacteria to grow.

The size of our pores comes down to genetics and age (they tend to get bigger as we get older).

The amount of sebum we produce is determined by our genes and hormones.

Bigger pores tend to mean oilier skin.

Excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria can lead to pimples, this is why a skin care routine is important.

Let's talk flakes + dryness

Dry skin can occur for a number of reasons.

Genetics, the heating or cooling system in your home and the products you use on your skin.

The stratum corneum is responsible for keeping our skin moisturised by helping the skin retain water if the stratum corneum breaks down it can cause dry skin.

Hot water and harsh soaps or cleansers can remove the natural oils of your skin leaving you feeling dry and tight.

Santé skin care explained

Santé translates to “your health” and that’s what the santé skin care routine is about.

Achieving healthy skin is a balancing act.

Too much oil can lead to acne, too dry can cause flakes and eczema.

Our skin works hard to keep things balanced, but our skin can’t remove makeup, remove dirt build-up or exfoliate alone, this is where a skin care routine comes in.

Santé skin care is all about maintaining the natural balance of your skin with a kind, caring and chemical-free skin care routine.

How santé skin care works

Santé skin care products are made up of super-fine, patented fibres that work to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate your skin with just water.

Instead of wipes, chemical cleansers or messy exfoliators, you can maintain a 3-step skin care routine that doesn’t expire.

1 Makeup Removal + cleansing

Cleansing your face of make-up and pollution is a skin care must for all skin types to ensure old makeup, dead skin cells and excess oil don’t clog up your pores.

The Santé makeup remover is made up of superfine fibres that lift and trap makeup in the weave.

Just add water for 100% makeup removal. No stinging, no harsh ingredients and no wasteful wipes.

Cleansing is important for clearing your pores of any dirt and grime that builds up throughout the day.

It also helps your skin remove dead skin cells from your pores, preventing build-up and breakouts.

If you have large pores and/or oily skin you might want to cleanse more regularly to prevent build-up.

For dry skin, avoid cleansing with hot water.

Cleansing with Santé means removing daily build-up without harsh ingredients or chemicals that could aggravate the skin causing dryness or excess oil production.

The fibres on Santé’s Face Cleanser reach into pores for a deep clean and only require water for a super fresh feeling.

2 Exfoliating 

All skin types can reap the benefits of exfoliating the skin from time to time.

You want to ensure dead skin cells are sloughed away regularly to keep your pores clean and clear.

Santé’s exfoliating discs are made up of fibres that stimulate the skin’s surface.

Simply wet the disc and use lightly in a soft circular motion for about a minute.

The fibres will pick up dead skin cells, reach into the pores and smooth the surface. Your skin will instantly feel smooth and soft. 

3 Face Mask

Treating your skin to a nourishing and natural face mask is a great way to brighten and hydrate your skin.

The Santé Face Cleanser is the perfect mask-removing tool to lift your mask while giving your newly-nourished skin a gentle cleanse.

Ready to switch to a healthier skin care routine? 

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