Santé Profile Series - Roxy Jacenko


Roxy Jacenko is an Australian businesswoman, published author, mother and beauty influencer. Roxy is the Director of Sydney-based public relations firm, Sweaty Betty PR, and owner of numerous thriving beauty brands. Roxy sat down with us to share her secrets in finding the balance between her personal and professional lives, whilst still finding time to take care of herself (and her skin!). 



How important is skincare to you?

It’s a part of my daily routine, but I ensure it's easy and time-efficient, I am not about 50 different steps!


Is it true you only promote skincare brands that you use in your daily beauty routine?

I love trying and supporting local Australian brands, so I am always keen to showcase them on my social media. Prior to doing so, I'll always use them before posting, as authenticity is important to me. If it works well for my routine, I'll include it!


What is your daily morning skincare routine? 

I start with the Santé Cleanser whilst in the shower daily, then twice a week I'll exfoliate using the Santé Exfoliator. I also have started using the Rationale cleanser of a morning, followed by La Mer treatment lotion and moisturiser.


And your nighttime routine?

I often have my makeup done professionally, as such removing it is very important.  As I am not one for the 'ala naturelle' look, I use the Santé Makeup Remover every night, followed by moisturizer from La Mer and then eye cream from Estee Lauder.


When do you feel most beautiful? 

It’s a funny question, I don’t really think like that, I would more so look at it as when do I feel my most confident…. as confidence in my mind is far more beautiful than ‘beauty’. I guess when I have had a good nights sleep, a great outfit and a hairdo!


Your favourite beauty indulgence?

I love the Crown Spa at the recently opened Crown Barangaroo in Sydney, not only are the interiors just so opulent the treatments are gorgeous.


A beauty tip your mum Doreen gave you?

If I was listening to Dors I would be drinking moisturiser, she uses every cream under the sun, I don’t have time for that!


Has your daughter Pixie picked up any skincare lessons or habits yet?

She loves skincare and actually has an evening regime that she makes her little brother Hunter do with her – they cleanse then moisturise.



Why did you decide to partner with Santé?

I was introduced to the brand by Barb (the founder and CEO) some 5 years ago, to this day I have continued using it for both the ease and quality of the brand, but also the sustainability.


What is your favourite Santé product and why?

The Makeup Remover is my go-to, the first product from the range I used and the one that I use every day!