Santé Profile Series: Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett



This month we sat down with Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett. The two are Co-Founders of  SWIISH, which stands for: Stylish Women Inspiring Inner Strength, Health and Happiness. The ultimate feel-good online destination, SWIISH is all about creating the best version of you – from your wellness and health to your personal style, beauty and home. 


The health and wellness industry has skyrocketed with so many new trends happening, how do you filter that out when it comes to yourselves and your clients?


Sally: We keep our blinkers on and just focus on our customer, her needs and our overall SWIISH ethos: Evidence-based wellness that works. We make sure everything is easy to use and absolutely delicious. This helps us steer clear of chasing trends, just for the sake of it. We are committed to being forward-thinking in terms of wellness.


We produced our range of collagen powders almost 4 years ago when collagen was unheard of. We educated our customer and we explained and showed her how and why collagen was important. We also think it’s part of our role to show, share and educate when it comes to wellness breakthroughs. 


What does being healthy mean to you?


Maha: It means having balance and enjoying life, with all it has to offer. This includes all those things that people think might be considered no-no’s if you run a wellness business. Yes, we eat chocolate and yes we eat pasta. And we love it all. We’re all about being healthy in the sense of abundance, not deprivation. That means looking at food as nourishment, fuelling yourself with things that make you feel good – and taste delicious. Also, health extends beyond just food, it’s how we rest, sleep, and stuff that’s good for the soul. Sometimes, this means an entire day on the couch, guilt-free, watching movies and enjoying downtime with the family. Other days it’s long lunches with friends and those deep belly laughs that fill you with complete joy.


Our non-negotiable is that we bookend the day by looking after ourselves. So SUPERGREENS and FIBRE in the morning for energy, alkalinity and to nourish our gut. Then a collagen coffee mid-morning - because coffee is life and collagen is second to none for feeding your skin. We end the day with our SLEEP Superfood Powder, because it helps us unwind, destress and decompress when it comes to the mental load. We're big believers that a good day, starts the night before with a great sleep.



What makes SWIISH different to other brands?

Sally: We don’t white-label or products. We spend years researching, trialling, testing, tasting, working with experts to ensure each and every product does what we say it does. We also focus enormously on taste. Because what’s the point of something working if it tastes terrible - you’ll probably never have it, it will sit in the back of the cupboard and then you’ll never reap the benefits. So we are fastidious about all of that. And we don’t take shortcuts. Ever.


We also invest heavily in creating amazing content to educate our community - we show and share the science behind the products, ways to use them and we are heavily connected with our customers. We answer each and every DM on the SWIISH pages, and I know that’s something that our customers value. We’re here for them. 


Healthy skin is about so much more than just applying face creams. Would you agree?


Maha:  Absolutely. Healthy skin starts from within. We are big on this. We love a serum or good face mask as much as anyone, we understand that everything that goes on outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening within, particularly in your gut! The gut-skin connection is so important, which is why we personally make sure we’re nourishing our gut and skin health with collagen (we have an entire GLOW Collagen range at SWIISH), as well as our other gut-supporting powders FIBRE Cleansing Powder and SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder. These three are our everyday inner beauty must-haves.


A piece of skincare advice you got from your mother?


Maha: CLEANSE ! Never go to bed with makeup on! It’s a simple one, but we swear by it, because why bother putting expensive serums on top of a dirty face! 


Self-care is about more than just skincare and makeup. How else do you practice it?


Sally: We’re both big on me-time, and more often than not this comes in the form of a walk! If we can both get out of the house each day (even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes) by ourselves to stretch our legs – it makes the biggest difference. This is time for ourselves and ourselves only. Self-care is about saying that your boundaries and alone time are just as important as all the energy you put into being a Mother, a Boss, a Wife, a Friend. And for us, a simple walk is the perfect self-care recharge.



What inspired you to shift towards sustainable and ethical beauty practices?


Maha: The fact that we were so focused on putting only the purest quality ingredients into our SWIISH Wellness Powders. It made us stop and have a real think about everything else, beyond what we eat or drink, that we ingest into our body – through the skin and beauty practices. It no longer made sense to be slathering toxic and unsustainable beauty products onto our body, as this too eventually gets into the body! It also affects the whole world around us, and we must take care of the world around us – wherever we can. This was also the driving force behind us creating our 100% All Natural, Chemical Free Deodorant range. 


How important is it to educate the younger generation on the impact our skincare and lifestyle products have on the environment?


Sally: It’s incredibly important, now more than ever. Our younger generation are our future – so educating them means taking the steps and changes towards a better world that our environment needs right now. I have two daughters, aged 9 and 4, and I feel it’s my duty to guide them in the right direction and help them understand that although it may seem insignificant, every single thing we as individuals do in regards to our skincare and lifestyle products makes a profound difference to the world at large.


How do you stay in harmony with the earth and continue to be environmentally aware?


Maha: By making small steps in the right direction every day. This might be walking somewhere nearby instead of automatically jumping in the car, ensuring we’re recycling – and recycling properly, and aiming to use sustainable products wherever we can.



Why did you decide to partner with Santé, your favourite Santé product and why?


Sally: We love Santé! Always have, always will be. They align with everything we believe in: Evidence-based products that are 100% natural and work. I’m obsessed with my Bamboo Face Towel – it’s amazing how super absorbent and soft it is. I know Maha doesn’t go a day without using her Makeup Removers. Also, Santé is Austrian made and Australian owned (and we love that!).