Your Santé 2020 skin care gift guide




The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it's time to think gift ideas for friends and family.

Sourcing well-made gifts designed to last is a great way to prevent being part of the waste issue in Australia that's intensified during the holidays.

Unwanted gifts, unnecessary packaging and short-lived stocking stuffers all contribute to the rise in landfill waste. 

Why choose sustainable skin care?

Personal care products are part of the global plastic problem.

Useful for only a short period of time, personal care packaging can end up lasting a lifetime.

Santé is a reusable skin care range with a luxury feel, that allows you to simplify your skin care routine by minimising your skin care products, while maximising your skin care experience.

Just add water to remove makeup, draw out impurities and gently exfoliate for a brighter complexion.

After 3 years of quality, fibre-fresh skin care, send your fibres back to us for upcycling, for a truly zero waste skin care solution.

Gifts that keep on giving

We’ve hand-selected self-care skin-care gift ideas for clean beauty lovers looking for a kinder way to care for skin.

Every skin care Bundle purchased this holiday season comed with a bonus, limited edition, Santé x The Lust List Gift Bag.

The perfect reusable solution for wrapping your santé skin care gifts.


The perfect gift idea for makeup lovers

Removing your makeup is a must, and traditionally this can mean wasteful wipes, solutions that sting and panda eyes in the morning.

Makeup Removal + More $89

Includes 7x Makeup Removers, Bonus Bamboo Face Towel, Santé Hook + Santé x The Lust List Gift Bag

Santé Makeup Removers are award-winning and a sustainable staple.

Made up of superfine fibres that lift away makeup with just water, this gift is kind to skin around your eyes, the perfect gift for makeup lovers this holiday season.

The perfect gift idea for sustainable skin care fans

Introducing multi-purpose skin care products for a skin care routine that keeps your complexion smooth and soft.

Fresh faced $95

Includes 5x Makeup Removers, 2x Exfoliators, Bonus Bamboo Face Towel, 2x Santé Hook + Santé x The Lust List Gift Bag


Minimise your skin care routine with 2 skin care products that remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate keeping your skin smooth and soft without a single chemical.

A great gift for people who love to keep their skin care routine simple, effective and waste-free.

The perfect gift idea for him

Clean and comfortable skin is always in.

Handsome skin $95

Includes Body Cleanser, 2x Men’s Cleansing Duo (2), Bamboo Face Towel, Santé Hook (2) + Bonus Bamboo Face Towel

The perfect remedy for a minimal-fuss skin care routine.

Fibres lift oil from pores and reinvigorate skin for a refreshing skin care routine that leaves skin feeling clean and comfortable.

The perfect gift idea for glow-getters

Care for summer-time skin with fibre skin care that removes dead skin cells and reinvigorates your skin leaving you luminous. 

Insta Glow $145

Includes 4x Makeup Removers, Body Cleanser, Face Cleanser, Exfoliator, Bonus Bamboo Face Towel, Santé Hook (3) + Santé x The Lust List Gift Bag 

Your recipe for all over radiant skin, the Insta Glow gift set includes everything you need for top-to-toe cleansing, exfoliating and makeup removal, plus luxury Bamboo Face Towel and gift bag.

The perfect gift for those who love that all-over glow. Reusable for 3 years, this is the ultimate skin care gift for clean beauty lovers. 

Skin care staples for stockings

Make sure you fill stockings with sustainable favourites and must-have minis your friends and family will rave about.

Makeup Removers (3) $39

The perfect 'try me trio' for sustainable skin care sceptics.

Bamboo Face Towel (3) $35

Made using sustainable bamboo fibres, our luxury-feel super soft face towel is the only way to dry santé cleansed skin.

Exfoliators (2) $29

The secret to softer skin in a sustainable little duo. 

Just add water to gently buff your way to a brighter complexion, wash and re-use.


For all your sustainable skin care gifts

For more sustainable gift ideas, including our new limited edition Pink and Mint colourways, visit our Santé Christmas Shop