Santé and Skin Health - it's what we stand for

And all the reasons why you need to use Sante by ENJO if you have acne-prone skin




Want to know how Santé can help with clearing acne? With regular use, you can change your skin in just 4 weeks. Keep reading to see how...


Our Santé skincare range was specially developed for the thorough and gentle cleansing of skin. When using Santé, the pores are gently opened and deeply cleansed. Our fibres remove excess skin oil and dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and soft. Our fibres also activate blood flow and stimulate the exchange of oxygen.


The skin is refreshed and has a naturally radiant complexion. Since the fibre cleanses with only water, our largest organ (the skin) doesn't come into contact with harsh chemicals. Read on to understand more about the science behind Santé.


Dermatologically Tested 


Skin specialists tested us out under dermatological conditions and confirm our skin-loving status. We passed with flying colours. This study has shown that our skincare products have the following effect after 4 weeks of use:


 2% more even skin tone.
7% reduction in pores.

54% fewer porphyrins (the nasty bacteria that causes acne!), when inspected under UV light.


So, whether you’re looking to boost your glow, or radically transform your skin (to fight acne, build-up and breakouts), Santé is the way to go. 


Did you know?



We’re Austrian handmade, Australian owned natural skincare


We’re pround of our honest working conditions. As a family-friendly company, we put our people first. We embrace safe and ethical work conditions and raise them to the highest standards. 


We are skin-loving and earth-loving


We’re first and foremost about sustainable skincare with zero chemicals. Santé was created to maximise your skincare routine while minimising your impact on the planet. A simple routine of multifunctional products designed to bring much-needed style to the sustainable skincare market.


Overwhelmed by environmental changes and how you can help? We’re about small and simple swaps, which have a big impact. For example, over three years, a Santé Makeup Remover Set (7) saves you $1752 and prevents single-use wipes and liquid-based cleansers from being added into landfill and our waterways. It's also much better for your skin! See for yourself below: 



Beautiful skin by beautiful means


All our products are handmade, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Our skincare range doesn’t contain any animal products. Just fibre technology and H2O.


The finest raw materials


Reinventing the way you think about skincare, with kind, uncomplicated fibre products.

Our range is handmade using the finest raw materials, specially designed for your morning to evening routine and quality checked for longevity.


Shop now to make the switch to sustainable skincare!