Self-care starts with Skincare


Self-care starts with skincare, and if there’s ever a good time to revamp your skincare routine, it’s now. With the arrival of winter, it’s a great time to experiment with new products and treatments.


For fresh, healthy skin we recommend starting with techniques that will boost your natural glow, before applying any products! Read on for our favourite tips to reveal your best-ever winter skin this season.


The care movement 


Caring for your skin 


Exfoliating your skin to rejuvenate and remove dead skin cells are critical during the cooler months! With makeup and moisturisers - coupled with the cold air and wind – skin can become dry.


The Santé Face Exfoliator and Body Cleaner are the perfect way to buff away build-up for bright and beautiful skin from head to toe. Simply add water and use in a soft circular motion to let our extra-gentle fibres reveal a velvety-smooth complexion. For best results, we suggest using these products 2-3 times a week to gently buff away impurities. These reusable fibres are also great for removing makeup, therefore replacing the need for face scrubs and chemical exfoliators. Both are now available in the limited edition Self-Care Bundle, along with the Santé Face Cleanser, Bamboo Face Towel and Make-up Remover


Face masks are also great for boosting your complexion. Depending on the product, masks can brighten, detoxify, reduce redness, hydrate and protect skin against pollutants, dirt and toxins. The Santé Face Cleanser is the perfect pair for all face masks and will remove any mask, mess-free, simply by adding water.


Caring for the planet 



Our super soft, super fine fibres will leave you with bright and beautiful skin. Just add water to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate. This is ultimately better for your skin and the planet. Now that’s sustainable skincare with zero chemicals.


Our fibres are reusable for up to 3 years, which also removes unnecessary waste. Let’s do the math - over three years, a Santé Makeup Remover Set of 7 saves you $1752 and prevents single-use wipes and liquid based cleansers from being added into landfill and our waterways.


Finally, we’ve developed a perfect zero waste upcycling program to take back all used Santé products and reuse the materials. The upcycled fibres are then repurposed into car seats and insulation.


Caring about our product 



All Santé products are handmade in Austria, which means extra care and love is woven into each fibre. All the super fine fibres that massage every inch of your skin for that fresh feel and gorgeous glow, are also made from the finest raw materials. This allows us to provide each and every Santé customer with the highest quality products.


Wash your fibres weekly in their Santé Laundry Bag at 40-60°C and air dry. To keep fibres in tip-top condition, it’s important to wash with just detergent (no fabric softener) and no tumble drying.


Caring for our customers 



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