Santé Profile Series: Sophie Cachia

Sophie Cachia is a well-known and influential presenter, business woman, entrepreneur, digital marketing expert and sports journalist. A self-made success story, Sophie has built and grown a strong presence in the world of social media. All achieved by a next-level work ethic and her unrelenting commitment to excellence.

Sophie is focused on empowering and inspiring the next generation of business women, entrepreneurs and athletes. Her inclusive, hand-in-hand approach to work and life – along with a positive mindset – highlights her “create the life you want” credo. Sophie aims to blaze a trail for women of tomorrow. Read on to learn more about Sophie’s thoughts on business and beauty. 


What is your beauty philosophy?

Beauty is universal, yet individual. As humans, we all see beauty in so many different things. I think as I’ve grown older and evolved as a woman, it’s no longer what you look like or what you’re doing. For me, beauty is a feeling, and that feeling can be achieved in so many different ways.


Has being a working mum affected your beauty routine?

Absolutely, but for different reasons. When you’re a first-time parent and you have younger babies, you’re time poor and also in a mindset of ‘baby first’. So I know for myself personally, skincare / beauty routines were the bare minimum. Yet now, again I reiterate, evolving as a woman and as my children are growing older, I’ve learnt the importance of self-care and also nurturing yourself. So I have learnt the importance of also focusing on myself to create a happier version of myself, so I invest good time and money into both looking after and treating myself.


Tell us the steps in your night time beauty routine?

I won’t lie and say that this is an every night occurrence, but I definitely cleanse my skin every day in the shower. 3-4 times a week I do an exfoliation with Glycolic Acid and I do a moisturiser / hydrating serum duo before jumping into bed. I love a good face oil too, but it has to be good quality! I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who do a full body moisturiser before bed too, but after 30 years I’m starting to think that won’t happen.


What is your favourite fragrance and why?

My best friends recently gifted me a bottle of Louis Vuitton 'Nouveau Monde' and it's divine! It's actually a men's fragrance and quite unique but I just love how powerful it is.


A piece of beauty advice you got from your mother?

I inherited my mum’s pale skin, so it's always been to wear sunscreen. I always wanted to 'tan' like my friends when I was younger, but now I haven't allowed myself to get sunburnt in over 12 years.


As a woman in business, what is the best piece of business advice you can offer to other aspiring women?

Firstly, you've got to LOVE it. For your own business to be successful, you have to be willing to give 200% at all times - before hours, after hours, weekends, holidays - it doesn't stop and you have to be willing to be that focused and dedicated to it.

Also, stay in your own lane. I've always been like this across my whole life, no matter what it was in regard to. Eyes up, straight ahead, never look sidesways at what anyone else is doing. Stay focused on your own goals.


What inspired you to you to shift towards sustainable and ethical beauty practices? 

I think the amount of education that is so readily available to us all now almost makes it impossible to not make the shift. I have made many changes in my life regarding ethical changes - I converted to a vegetarian diet over 12 months ago. Morally it makes me enjoy life that little bit more knowing I am doing what I can to help contribute to a more sustainable future, for not only the beauty industry, but also my children.


Do you think it is important to be aware of the impact on the planet our buying choices have?

Absolutely, and that goes hand in hand with the information that is now becoming easily accessible. That as individuals we can then make our own decisions on what best practices to take for our own lives.



Why did you decide to partner with Santé?

Having worked in the digital marketing field now for close to eight (8) years, it's important to position myself in long term partnerships that align with my brand. Santé by Enjo is sustainable, stylish and offers a more ethical way of cleaning. This is what I've been trying to achieve in my house for years now. I also have two asthmatic children, so the less chemicals that are present in my house, the better for their breathing - so it's a wonderfully organic fit. Lastly, as a fellow Australian business owner, I've also been able to learn from CEO Barb De Corti, as I look up to her in many ways. I've loved learning more about her story and how she has built Enjo Australia to what is it today.


What is your favourite Santé product and why?

Obviously, the makeup removers fit in so well with my life - I love nothing more than coming home after a day of meetings or photoshoots and taking my makeup straight off. To simply add water to the wipes (and then to be able to wash and reuse them!) is super handy.

Also, I wear a lot of fake tan and I love the body cleansers (especially the limited edition pink one!), because they cleanse and exfoliate to prep my skin well.


Learn more about who Santé is as a brand and the products on offer to see if fibre technology skin care is the right fit for your sustainable beauty needs.