Spring clean your beauty routine




Winter can be tough on your skin, which is why we’re looking forward to shedding dry winter skin and stepping into spring.

Whatever the season, we all want healthy, glowing skin which is why adjusting your skin care with the seasons is important.

Caring for your skin in winter is so different from spring and summer.

We need to adapt our natural beauty routine to account for warmer temperatures, stronger UV rays and humidity.

Now’s the time to spring clean your beauty routine and prepare your skin for brighter days.

Follow our top tips to streamline your skin care, maximise your products and enjoy naturally beautiful skin this spring.

1. Clean your beauty tools

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you have to think about it, it’s probably been too long.

Makeup brushes can harbour dead skin cells and a build-up of bacteria that could potentially cause breakouts.

Pull out your brush set and give them a deep clean.

Santé’s Face Cleanser has the perfect fibre for lifting and trapping makeup and grime from your brushes.

Simply wet the fibre and your brush, and use the Santé fibre to gently wipe your brushes clean.

2. Minimise your products to maximise your routine

It doesn’t take long to accumulate a drawer full of products you try and never finish.

Not only does a drawer of too many products make it hard to find your skin care staples, but you’ll also probably find expired products in the mix.

Now is the time to audit your skin care and beauty products.

Start by throwing out anything that’s expired or doesn’t agree with your skin.

Then organise your routine, placing products you use daily in an easy-to-reach place.

Makeup pouches are a great way to separate your products and keep them organised.

Our Santé Makeup Bags come in a handy set of 3, two are made from mesh, making it super easy to find what you’re looking for and one is waterproof, which is great for travelling with a reusable skin care routine.



Available as a free gift with the Santé Daily Cleanse Bundle.

3. Clean-up your routine for your skin + the environment

Keep your beauty routine natural this spring for skin-loving and earth-loving benefits.

Santé skin care routine is the ultimate natural skin care routine for those seeking a minimal routine with maximum results.

Remove your makeup and cleanse with Santé’s award-winning Makeup Remover and Face Cleanser, and buff your way to glowing skin with our reusable Exfoliator, all available in the Daily Cleanse Bundle.

All Santé skin care products harness the natural, skin-loving properties of water to maintain the PH balance of the skin, while the fine fibres reach deep into the pores to give your skin the ultimate cleanse that leaves your skin glowing.

Reusable for approximately 250 washes, santé skin care products keep your skin care routine clean and simple for you and the environment.

4. Stock up on SPF + a lightweight moisturiser 


Sunscreen is a must no matter the season, but as the UV rays become stronger, make sure you have an SPF up to the task.

Winter can be drying on the skin, so you’ve likely been using a heavy moisturiser to keep flaky skin at bay.

Now the weather is warming up, think about switching to a natural, lightweight moisturiser to prevent your skin from becoming oily.

5. Switch to in-season palettes

Organise your makeup palettes and switch out winter shades for this seasons palettes.

Santé’s Colour Change Brush Cleaner is a must-have makeup tool that not only keeps shadow brushes cleaner for longer but can help minimise your brush collection by removing the need for multiple shadow brushes.

Simply swipe your brush over the colour change fibre for a clean brush that’s ready for a new colour.


Do you have any spring clean tips for your beauty routine?


Share them in the comments.