The great outdoor pursuit

All the reasons why we should be getting fit outdoors

Getting there isn’t always easy, but going to the gym is essential for your health and well-being! You’re there for a reason, you’re focussed, in the zone and ready to work up a sweat. You’re also surrounded by other hot and heavy bodies on their mission to get fit and healthy too!

Being fortunate and living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, getting outdoors should feature higher on our list of priorities, with most of us working indoors, whether it be at an office desk, behind a shop counter, or on a hospital ward, we drive home, maybe go to the gym, or head to the shops…there’s a recurring detail, and it’s indoors only.

In our busy modern lives time outdoors can seem like a luxury, only to be indulged on those rare weekends where your diary is empty. We tend to leave our working day behind with our to-do list at the ready…who has the time for outdoor pursuits?

Well, with a host of wellness benefits and your happiness at front of mind, we know that getting outdoors offers so much, and we really should be finding the time and boosting our energy by exercising outdoors.

Firstly, the time issue, why not replace your normal gym session with an outdoor gym session instead? Get up earlier and walk to work or at least part of the way? Take a lunchtime spin around the nearest park? Or if weekends truly are your only option, make sure you set some time aside to get out there.

So you’ve made the time…now’s the questions of where to go? Well, we couldn’t be more spoilt for choice. For those who live in a big Aussie city, we’re never too far away from a glittering coastline for exercise with a breathtaking view. And if you live inland, you’re sure to be close to beautiful parks and bush tracks that make the perfect terrain for outdoor pursuits.

Now to the good stuff…the benefits! Yes you might enjoy the luxury of a climate-controlled room at the gym, but braving the elements comes with its own rewards.

1. Footloose and fancy-free

No membership, no fees, and you can start your workout whenever you like on your own schedule!

2. Mix it up

Working around your day-to-day duties, exercising outdoors is a break from the norm. Being busy we tend to rush our lives towards the weekend, sticking firmly to our routine. Stepping outside of the norm is a great way to boost your creativity and re-energize.

3. Choose your view

Whether it’s the bright blue ocean, green grass or the city skyline; pick whatever view motivates you – the choice is yours! Thinking yoga on the beach? Santé’s large and luxurious (and super stylish) round Beach Towel is the perfect surface to find your centre.

4. Take advantage of the elements

Working outdoors and braving the elements has its advantages, natural resistance from the wind makes you work harder, so you’ll see better results. Don’t forget your sustainable microfibre Sports Towel, Santé has the perfect sized, super absorbent towel to suit your outdoor work out needs!

5. Train on different terrain

Much like facing the elements, working out on uneven ground and varying surfaces means you’ll be working muscles you didn’t even know you had.

6. Boost your mood

The fresh air and higher oxygen content will help you work out for longer, but is also shown to improve your mood…we love this!

7. Vitamin D dose

Protecting our skin is paramount, so don’t forget your sunscreen and enjoy the vitamin D boost from working out outdoors.

8. Zone out

Finding time for yourself in a world where we can always be reached is good for the soul. So switch off and work out with your own thoughts.