Top tools for makeup application and removal revealed

The seamless application of your makeup is nothing short of a fine art, and it’s the tools you use that will help you achieve that airbrushed finish!

Santé by ENJO already have your makeup removal needs covered, having just bagged the Cosmo Beauty Award for best Makeup Remover…so introducing the perfect tools for makeup application seemed the next natural step.

Santé by ENJO’s beautiful and functional rose gold makeup brushes are made from the finest synthetic fibres and crafted for ease of use. And now you can get a flawless makeup finish and caring makeup removal in one with Santé’s Luxe Beauty Collection!

Four makeup application must-haves, two Santé reusable Makeup Removers, luxury Bamboo Face Towel all sitting pretty in a Santé Cosmetic Bag! From a flawless base, beautiful brow and velvet-like complexion, read on to find out how to have-it-all with Santé’s Luxe Beauty Collection available for a limited time only.


For a beautiful base! Super soft, densely packed bristles blend foundation for a naturally flawless finish

PERFECT FOR: liquid foundations and BB creams, blending to create the perfect base
HOW TO APPLY: apply your base to cleansed skin, Santé Face Glove cleanses and exfoliates your skin in one, leaving your complexion clean, clear and perfectly primed for the nourishing skin care treatment of your choice. Apply foundation to the back of the hand, and use your Foundation Brush to dab and blend until required coverage is achieved
HOW TO CARE/CLEAN: clean your Foundation Brush at least once a week with a damp Santé by ENJO Makeup Remover
RESULTS: a flawless base that covers imperfection without applying too much product

An eyebrow essential! Narrow angled brush for optimum precision and feathery finish

PERFECT FOR: natural enhancement or bold face-framing brows
HOW TO APPLY: brush out your brows first. Apply product of your choice to the brush, and shape brows with short strokes in the same direction of hair growth. Fill in gaps and blend for an even finish
HOW TO CARE/CLEAN: clean your Angled Brow Brush around once-a-month with a damp Santé by ENJO Makeup Remover
RESULTS: defined, yet natural looking brows that shape the face

Get the perfect blend. Quality, soft and fluffy fibres, perfect for sweeping and blending pigment for an even application

PERFECT FOR: applying and blending loose and pressed face powder, bronzing powder, blush and highlighters
HOW TO APPLY: dip the brush into powder, tap away excess product and sweep brush gently over the desired areas
HOW TO CARE/CLEAN: clean your Large Shader Brush at least once a week with a damp Santé by ENJO Makeup Remover
RESULTS: complexion perfection, velvet-like finish

It’s all in the eyes. Soft dense synthetic fibres ideal for blending eyeshadow colour palettes

PERFECT FOR: applying and blending eye makeup to enhance natural beauty or for a dramatic look
HOW TO APPLY: apply eyeshadow to the brush and sweep over the eye in long, even strokes
HOW TO CARE/CLEAN: clean your Powder Brush at least once a week with a damp Santé by ENJO Makeup Remover
RESULTS: beautiful bright or bold eyes


Cosmopolitan Australia Beauty Award winner

PERFECT FOR: removing an entire face of makeup with nothing but the skin-loving properties of water
HOW TO USE: wet your Makeup Remover and squeeze out any excess so that it’s damp. Work the Makeup Remover in soft circular motion over the skin’s surface. If you feel as though waterproof makeup hasn’t been entirely removed, use a little coconut oil or a nourishing and natural makeup removal solution
HOW TO CARE/CLEAN: wash after use in Santé by ENJO Laundry Bag provided and reuse again and again
RESULTS: makeup removal without the need for chemicals means the balance of your skin’s natural oils is maintained, clean and comfortable skin