New year, new skin care routine, new ocean range!

Six reasons why a trip to the ocean should be part of your 2017 routine

New year, new skin care routine, new ocean range!

Mineral-rich and majestic, calming yet powerful, crystal clear to the deepest sapphire, the world’s oceans have the ability to quiet the mind, soothe the soul and generate a new-found perspective on life.

Its vastness highlighting the significance of Mother Nature and the insignificance of some of life’s more trivial problems. This therapy alone is why the world’s oceans entice holidaymakers to their rhythmic shores when it comes time to unwind and recharge.

With that in mind and the New Year upon us, we wanted to start as we mean to go on with a fresh new outlook that, synonymous with the world’s oceans, represents power in simplicity and harmony with the elements…and to mark the occasion we’ve introduced an Ocean Range to our skin care line.

The ocean is known for its healing properties, it’s good for the mind, body and soul, and with a skin care range that echoes this mantra we implore you to start the year off right for your skin and soul! Here are our top reasons why you should pay a visit to the beach this year.


The ocean is one of the few places you can visit that allows you to totally disconnect from the modern world…sure you can take your phone or listen to music, but the ocean’s tide has a magnetic effect, drawing your eye line out across the big blue horizon. Reconnecting with nature has been associated with decreased stress levels1, helping declutter the mind which in turn helps improve sleep allowing you to wake up feeling calm and refreshed!


Want healthy skin that’s silky smooth? Exfoliating salt scrubs and mineral-infused skin care treatments are available at spas all around the world…when a trip down to the ocean has all these benefits and more. Notably, magnesium and other minerals in seawater have been shown to improve the skin barrier function, reduce inflammation and enhance skin hydration by improving your skin’s ability to retain moisture2. Plus sand acts as a natural exfoliator, so enjoying a trip to the ocean leaves your skin feeling invigorated and looking bright and healthy. 


A leisurely stroll up and down the beach is an amazing work out for your legs and core. The uneven and soft yielding nature of sand requires 2.1-2.7 times more energy expenditure than walking on a hard surface at the same speed3, meaning you’ll burn more calories and tone up in the same amount of time… and breathing in the salty sea air is just an added bonus!

Sunshine has long been linked to happiness, it has in fact been proven that human skin produces beta-endorphins in response to UVB exposure, and it’s these opioid peptides that result in increasing the feeling of wellbeing, boosting the immune system and promoting relaxation4.

Sunlight is also our body’s major source of vitamin D, and we need vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote strong and healthy bones5. It has been recognised that every cell and tissue in our body has vitamin D receptors, indicating we need vitamin D for our body systems to work at their optimal potential4.
So head down to the ocean, protect your skin with sunscreen, and get ready to feel good!


An ocean swim on a hot summer’s day isn’t only refreshing and a good form of exercise, it will leave your skin beautifully cleansed from top-to-toe. Salt is a wonderful curing and cleansing agent, known since antiquity for its skin healing properties. Salt helps to cleanse pores deeply, balance oil production and prevent bacteria that can initiate breakouts and cause infections in acne-prone skin. Salty ocean waves also help rid you skin and hair of any product build-up for the ultimate skin cleansing experience. 


Sloughing off the sunscreen, salt and sand is essential after spending time at the beach, continue to treat your skin with a kind and chemical-free skin care routine for true skin care harmony. Santé Ocean Skin Care Range is the perfect healthy skin care companion! Handcrafted and uniquely woven, each product allows you to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your skin with nothing but water, maintaining your skin’s balance of hydrating oils. Removing zinc and mineral-based sunscreens is so important to prevent your pores from blocking, but they can be tougher to remove than traditional sunscreens, Santé fibres lift impurities from deep within the skin’s pores ensuring your skin is perfectly clean and clear. You can even remove all of your makeup with just water before heading for a swim in the ocean with our Santé Makeup Removers.

Treat your skin this New Year and redefine your skin care routine with Santé, protecting your skin and our oceans from harsh chemicals.


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